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Health care and insurance

Health care

Although Augustana does not operate a health clinic on campus, students are provided access to health care providers in the Quad Cities. The college operates a free shuttle which will take students to and from any physician's office, pharmacy, dental clinic, mental health facility or optometrist's office.

If your son or daughter needs to see a physician on a routine basis (diabetes monitoring or allergy shots, for example), we urge you to establish a relationship with a local physician. If you need help finding a doctor to meet your student's needs, let the Office of International Student Life know and we will assist you.


All Augustana students must have medical insurance. International students will need to submit a proof of insurance form.

International students have three options when it comes to medical insurance.

1: Home insurance

If your family has home insurance that will honor medical treatment and bills from the United States, you may use this. You must provide proof of insurance. This must be in English and must include contact information for the company in the United States.

2: International Student Protection

This is an insurance company that provides insurance coverage to many of our international students. It is not insurance through Augustana College.

To purchase this insurance, you will need to go to the company website. These are the only policies that Augustana will accept. If you look at the benefits provided, if you decide to use home insurance, your policy should cover at least what the International Student Protection plans cover.

3: Augustana's insurance

Augustana's costs $1,625 per year. Very few international students choose this option.

Please note: If students do not provide proof of insurance (either Option 1 or Option 2), then the Augustana insurance automatically will be added to their tuition bills. Students must provide proof each year they are here no later than Sept. 2.

Any medical insurance should meet the following minimum benefits coverage (inpatient and outpatient):

  • Injury or sickness benefit of $500,000
  • Hospital expenses covering operating room, laboratory tests, X-ray examinations, drugs, therapeutic services and supplies, semi-private room, general nursing care
  • Physician care including but not limited to: anesthetist, surgeon, physician, emergency room physician, mental health professionals
  • Emergency room services
  • Ambulance
  • Dental treatment
  • Medical evacuation
  • Repatriation accidental death