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Visiting Augustana

Schedule a visit online or call 309-794-7341.

Admissions hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays


Augustana offers three kinds of visits:

1. Individual visits: Each visit is customized to the student's interest. Tour campus, observe a class, meet a professor, coach, admissions, financial aid and other staff, go to a music or athletic practice, eat lunch and more. Available all year.

Starting May 1 of your junior year in high school, you also may schedule an admissions interview on this visit.

2. Special visit days: Combine the best of an individual visit with some of our special admissions events. These include:

3. Group visits: Come with a school group, team, church or other organization. Tour of campus, presentations by admissions and/or financial assistance, college search workshop. Other options may include tours of the art museum, cadaver lab and geology museum, campus nature walk, library research lesson and more.

Get the most from your visit

The best time for an individual visit is on a weekday while classes are in session. This allows you the most options for visiting classes, meeting faculty and sampling student life.

We highly recommend including an admissions interview. Typically scheduled during an individual visit after May 1 of a student's junior year, students meet one-on-one with an admissions counselor. Interviews are available Monday-Friday.

Great dates to come: art portfolio reviews in January and February; music auditions from September through March; theatre auditions in January, February and March.

For the best opportunities on campus we often suggest avoiding: Finals weeks and breaks. See our academic calendar for this year's schedule. Be sure to check our calendar for other special events you wouldn't want to miss.

Inclement weather

If it's raining or snowing, campus tours will continue. In case of lightning or severe weather, tours will not go out or will end as soon as the conditions begin. Proper precautions, such as a shortened tour, might be also be taken in the event of extreme temperatures.

In general, the college's operations will continue in all but the most severe weather.

Make your visit count

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