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First-Year Program


finalized March 2016

During their first three terms, students enroll in either the first-year liberal studies sequence or in one of two tracks in the honors program (Foundations or Logos).

Students enrolled in the liberal studies sequence will enroll in Rhetoric and the Liberal Arts (LSFY 101) in the fall, LSFY 102 in the winter and LSFY 103 in the spring. (See Augustana General Education Studies.)

For students in Foundations, college writing and rhetoric are built into the three-course, 12-credit sequence. (See Honors Program.)

First-year students may also enroll in courses within the six Learning Perspectives: the arts, human values and existence, the individual and society, literature and texts, the past, and the natural world. Students may also choose courses which offer a global or human diversity perspective. Other choices include physical education activity classes and classes to complete the equivalent of at least one year of college-level foreign language study.

Most first-year students will take three 3-credit courses the first term (a total of nine credits.)