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Japanese course catalog


MARI NAGASE, Associate Professor
B.A., M.A., University of Tokyo; Ph.D., University of British Colombia

Chikahide Komura, Part-time Instructor
B.A., Kansai University, University of Cincinnati; M.A., University of Cincinnati, University of Utah

Minor in Japanese

21 credits; at least 15 from JPN-201, JPN-202, JPN-203, JPN-301, JPN-302, JPN-290, JPN-390, or JPN-410. Remaining credits from the courses above and/or ARHI-373, HIST-354, RELG-365, WLIT-350.

See Asian Studies.

Courses (JPN)

Economics major sees Asia in different way

Each year, many Augustana students study abroad and return with a memorable experience and a new world view. But how does study abroad could affect a student's understanding of the world economy?