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RACHEL ANDERSON, Part-time Instructor
B.A., St. Ambrose University; M.A., Saint Xavier University

B.S., University of Central Florida; M.S., Nova Southeastern University; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

DEBORAH BRACKE, Associate Professor, Director of Field Experiences 
B.A., Minnesota; M.S., Ed.S., Western Illinois; Ph.D., Iowa

BERNADETTE CARMACK, Part-time Instructor
B.S., Illinois State; M.S., (Early Childhood Education) Western Illinois; M.S., (Educational Leadership) Western Illinois

MICHAEL EGAN, Associate Professor, Officer
B.S., Notre Dame; Ed.M., Harvard; Ph.D., Boston College

KATIE HANSON, Assistant Professor, Secondary Education Clinical Coordinator 
B.A., Luther; M.A., St. Mary's (Minnesota)

RANDALL HENGST, Professor, Director of Elementary Education
B.S., M.Ed., Oklahoma; Ph.D., Wisconsin-Madison

DAVID MARKWARD, Part-time Assistant Professor
B.A., Augustana College; M.S., Western Illinois University; Ed.D., Illinois State

PETER NYMAN, Part-time Instructor
B.S., M.S., Western Illinois 

MICHAEL SCARLETT, Associate Professor, Chair
B.A., Macalester College; M.A., Ph.D., Minnesota

MICHAEL SCHROEDER, Professor, Director of Secondary Education
B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D., Illinois

Entering the First Education Course
Admission to the first Education course, EDUC300: Educational Psychology and Measurement.

Students may be enrolled in EDUC300 when they have:

  • Earned at least 27 semester credits including AP and transfer courses.
  • Declared an education major.
  • Met with an education advisor to plan their schedule and discuss qualifications.
  • Earned a minimum Augustana GPA of 3.00. Students with overall GPAs of 2.75-2.99 may be enrolled if space is available and they have had at least one term with a 3.0+ GPA.
  • Earned at least a B- in: FYI 101 or its equivalent. (For grades below B- see your education advisor for remediation expectations.)
  • Initiated or completed the Illinois Basic Skills Testing requirement as described under "Admission to Teacher Education" below.

Admission to Teacher Education

Admission to the Teacher Education Program is by written application and is required for students to take any education program course beyond EDUC300. Note: Grades lower than a C- or lower are not accepted by the State of Illinois in courses required for licensure. See your Education Department advisor for more information about this requirement.

  1. Completed the Illinois Basic Skills Testing requirement by earning a minimum score on the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency or ACT Plus Writing, or SAT. As of this writing, the specific requirements are found at: tap.pdf.
  2. Earned an Augustana grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00.*
  3. Secured the signature of the major advisor of the field in which the student is preparing to teach.
  4. Secured the signature of the Education Department advisor.
  5. Earned a grade of at least B- or equivalent in:
    FYI101 or its equivalent and EDUC300, Educational Psychology and Measurement. (For grades below B- see your education advisor for remediation expectations.)

* The minimum GPA requirement for standard admission to the Teacher Education Program is 3.00. Any student with a GPA in the 2.75-2.99 range shall also be considered for provisional admission to the program providing that he/she:
1) secures an oral or written statement of support from his/her academic advisor;
2) earns a 3.0 in the term during which EDUC300 was taken; and,
3) if asked by the committee chair, meets with the Subcommittee on Admission to and Retention in Teacher Education and presents a convincing case for his/her admission to the program.

Students dismissed from the Teacher Education Program because of GPA deficiencies will be required to wait a minimum of one term before reapplying to the program. Reapplication procedures will be monitored closely, taking individual student considerations into account. A student may be readmitted to the program only once. In order to be readmitted the student must secure a letter of support from his/her major advisor and personally meet with the Subcommittee on Admission to and Retention in Teacher Education. At that particular meeting the student must present a convincing case for readmittance.

Admission to Student Teaching

Admission to student teaching is by written application. Prior to admission the student must be in good standing in the Teacher Education Program and have:
1. Earned grades of at least C- or equivalent in all education courses with a grade lower than a B- in no more than two education courses.
2. Earned credits at Augustana in the areas of educational psychology, methods and clinical experience.
3. Earned a minimum of 24 credits with grades of at least C- or equivalent in the field in which student teaching is to be completed.
4. Completed 80 or more clock hours of pre-student-teaching clinical experience.
5. Secured the recommendation of the advisor(s) or the chair(s) of the field(s) in which the student is preparing to teach.
6. Secured the recommendation of the Education Department advisor.
7. Met all conditions of any provisions applied at the time of admission or established during the course of enrollment in the Teacher Education Program.
8. Completed all work from previous terms in which "I" (incomplete) grades were received.
9. Passed the Illinois Content Test in the field for which licensure is being sought.

The minimum Augustana GPA requirement for student teaching will be 3.00 unless the Subcommittee on Admission to and Retention in Teacher Education makes allowances for a student in the 2.75-2.99 range.

Grading for Student Teaching

P (Pass): A student receiving a Pass grade receives credit for the experience and is allowed to continue in the professional education sequence.

NR (Not Recommended): A student receiving a Not Recommended grade will not receive departmental recommendation for licensure but will receive college credit for the experience.

F (Fail): A student receiving a Fail grade does not receive credit for the experience and may not, except by petition, continue in the professional education sequence.

Recommendation for Licensure and Program Graduation

To be eligible for an Augustana College recommendation to the State of Illinois for licensure the student must have:

1. Satisfied all requirements of the Teacher Education Program.

2.Passed the appropriate edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment). 

3. Secured the recommendation of the chair(s) of the teaching field(s).

To be licensed in Illinois the student must have:

1. Met the standards established by the Illinois State Board of Education.

2. Secured the recommendation of the institution providing the preparation for teaching.

NOTE: Students completing all teacher education program requirements will be awarded an Augustana degree in an approved teacher education major. However, completion of a major and awarding of the degree do not guarantee licensure.

Provision for appeal of decisions: A decision by the Subcommittee on Admission to and Retention in Teacher Education may be appealed to the Teacher Education Committee. A decision by the Teacher Education Committee may be appealed to the Faculty. The student has the right to be represented by an attorney during the appeal process.

MAJOR IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. A professional sequence consisting of 32 credits including EDUC-300, EDUC-330, EDUC-340, EDUC-351D, EDUC-352D, EDUC-353D, EDUC-360, EDUC-364, EDUC-366, EDUC-391F, EDUC-391W, EDUC-391S, and EDUC-450. To be eligible for teacher licensure for grades 1-6 in Illinois the student must also successfully complete these 10 additional credits: EDUC-422 and INTR-EDA95. See your education department advisor for information regarding a minimum of 48 credits of supporting courses taught through other departments that are also required for licensure.

Reading Teacher Endorsement with ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MAJOR. Candidates have the option of including a Reading Teacher Endorsement as part of their undergraduate preparation. The additional 12 credits of coursework include: EDUC354, EDUC354C, EDUC355, EDUC456, and EDUC456C. One of those courses will be taken during summer school at Augustana. Candidates must also successfully complete an additional licensure test given through the Illinois State Board if Education.

SECONDARY EDUCATION PROGRAM. Teacher candidates in K-12 and secondary education complete 35 credits of professional courses including Education EDUC-300, EDUC-310, EDUC-330, EDUC-340, EDUC-380, EDUC-396, EDUC-397, EDUC-412, EDUC-422, EDUC-450, INTR-EDA90and one of EDUC-381, EDUC-382, EDUC-383, EDUC-384, EDUC-386, EDUC-387. Exceptions apply to Music candidates. Teacher candidates in Art replace EDUC-396 or EDUC-397 with EDUC-395. Music requirements are listed under the Major in Music Education. See your Education Department Advisors for details. All teacher candidates must also complete an education content major in one of: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Physics, French, German, or Spanish. See each department for information on its major requirements.

Grade Point Average Notation: All courses listed in the catalog as required courses for any major and/or minor, including those courses outside of the department or with a different subject coding, are considered part of the major and will count in the grade point average. Education major may have higher grade point average requirements to stay in the major due to state licensing compliance. Recommended supporting courses that are optional and not required may also count in the major depending on the program. For more information see your department chair or the degree requirements for Bachelor of Arts and information on Majors/Minors

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