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Economics course catalog


TRISTAN COUGHLIN, Assistant Professor
B.A., Wisconsin-LaCrosse; M.A., Ph.D., Wisconsin-Milwaukee

CHRISTOPHER B. MARMÉ, Professor, Chair
B.A., St. Ambrose; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois UIUC

MAMATA MARMÉ, Instructor and Advising Coordinator (Business Administration)
B.St., M.St., Indian Statistical Institute; M.S., Illinois UIUC

JOANNA SHORT, Associate Professor 
B.B.A., Iowa; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana

MAJOR IN ECONOMICS. 27 credits, including ECON-201, ECON-202, ECON-301, ECON-302, ECON-317, ECON-401, ECON-402, ECON-403, and ECON-404, and two of ECON-221, ECON-225, ECON-345, ECON-361, ECON-362, ECON-406. (MATH-329, or with permission, MATH-219 and Econ-318 may be substituted for ECON-317.) Required supporting courses (9 credits): ACCT-201. BUSN-211 and BUSN-212 or MATH-315 and MATH-316. Recommended supporting courses: ACCT- 202, PHIL-312, MATH-220, MATH-221, MATH-230, MATH-329 and MATH-338.

MINOR IN ECONOMICS. 18 credits, including ECON-201, ECON-202, ECON-301, ECON-302.

Courses (ECON)

Patrick Conniff at U.S. Soccer

Scoring a career goal with help from the team

After Patrick Conniff ’17 found he could no longer play soccer, he spent the next three years working toward a dream job with U.S. Soccer.

allison pease

Geology, physics drive 2017 Hasselmo winner

Allison Pease is the winner of the Nils Hasselmo Award for Academic Pursuit. The physics and geology plans to use her $5,000 prize money for research.  

Classmates open Illinois-centric tap house

Two members of the Class of 2003 have opened the Lodi Tap House in Maple Park, Ill., with the idea of paying homage to Illinois. They offer a rotating selection of Illinois craft beer on tap and Illinois wines, as well as craft cocktails made with Illinois spirits.