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Communications Studies course catalog


AMY BLOMMER, Teaching Fellow
B.A., Augustana; M.A., Northern Illinois

BARBARA BRAUN, Part-time Instructor
B.A., University of Northern Iowa; M.A., Illinois

IAN KIVELIN DAVIS, Visiting Assistant Professor
B.A., Eastern Illinois University; Ph.D., Illinois 

DONNA HARE, Teaching Fellow
B.F.A., University of Montevallo, M.F.A., Western Illinois

WENDY HILTON-MORROW, Associate Dean of the College and Professor
B.A., Augustana; M.A., Ph.D., Iowa

MARGARET KUNDE, Assistant Professor
B.A., College of St. Benedict; M.A., Ph.D. Minnesota

PAUL LEWELLAN, Adjunct Instructor
B.A., University of Northern Iowa; M.A., Western Illinois

JESSICA NODULMAN, Assistant Professor
B.A., M.A., Eastern Illinois University; Ph.D., New Mexico

ANGELA NORMOYLE, Part-time Assistant Professor
B.A., Augustana; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern

DAVID A. SCHWARTZ, Assistant Professor
B.A., Iowa; M.S., Northwestern; Ph.D., Iowa

DAVID SNOWBALL, Professor, Chair
B.A., Pittsburgh; M.A., Ph.D., Massachusetts

DOUG TSCHOPP, Instructor of Communication Studies and Director of Entrepreneurial Development
B.A., St. Ambrose; M.B.A., Iowa

B.A., William and Mary; M.A., North Carolina; Ph.D., Ohio State

CAROLYN YASCHUR, Assistant Professor
B.A., Gettysburg College; M.A., University of Missouri, Ph.D., Texas


MAJOR IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES. 28 credits, including two gateway courses (COMM-210, COMM-211, COMM-212); one performance course (COMM-104, COMM-204, COMM-301, COMM-401); one theory course (COMM-320, COMM-321, COMM-322); three one-credit research modules, including at least one from the 370-series (COMM-371, COMM-372, COMM-374, COMM-375) and at least one from the 380-series (COMM-381, COMM-382, COMM-384, COMM-385) and an SI capstone (COMM-451 and COMM-452, COMM-453 and COMM-454, or COMM 455, COMM 456, AND COMM 457). [Exceptions: With pre-approved SI in a second major and with the completion of 28 credits and a second theory course, then the SI capstone could be waived.]

MINOR IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES. 18 credits, at least 6 credits of which must be at 300-400 level, including one of COMM-104, COMM-204, COMM-301, COMM-401; two of COMM-210, COMM-211, COM-212; and one of COMM-320, COMM-321, COMM-322.

Courses (COMM)

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