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Chemistry course catalog


MARY ELLEN BIGGIN, Associate Professor
B.S., Clarke; Ph.D., Illinois

JOSÉ R. BOQUÍN, Assistant Professor
B.Phi, Ave Maria College of the Americas; Ph.D. Baylor University

SALLY BURGMEIER, Laboratory Coordinator and Instructor
B.S., Marycrest; M.S., Western Illinois

B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology

PATRICK A. CRAWFORD, Associate Professor, Co-Chair 
B.A., Hanover; Ph.D., Miami (Ohio)

GREGORY J. DOMSKI, Associate Professor, Co-Chair
B.A., Augustana; Ph.D., Cornell

DELL JENSEN, Associate Professor
B.S., Nevada–Reno; Ph.D., Kentucky

TODD MILLER, Laboratory Coordinator and Assistant Professor
B.A., Dubuque; Ph.D., Iowa

PAMELA TROTTER, Professor, Robert W. Beart Chair in Chemistry
B.S., Pacific Lutheran; Ph.D., Harvard

AMANDA WILMSMEYER, Assistant Professor
B.S., Allegheny College; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

CHAD YUEN, Continuing Lecturer Assistant Professor
B.S., Ph.D., Iowa State

MAJOR IN CHEMISTRY. 37 credits beyond CHEM-121, including CHEM-200, CHEM-313, CHEM-362, CHEM-403, CHEM-411, CHEM-421 and CHEM-451 and one chosen from CHEM-454, CHEM-455 or CHEM-456. Students desiring an ACS-certified major must complete either CHEM-455 or CHEM-456.

Required supporting courses: PHYS-201, PHYS-202, PHYS-203 and MATH-221 or MATH-338. Recommended supporting courses: BIOL-210, MATH-230, MATH-329, COMP-211, CHEM-212, and PHYS-301.

MAJOR FOR CHEMISTRY EDUCATION. See the Director of Secondary Education and chair of the chemistry department for program requirements.

MINOR IN CHEMISTRY. 18 credits in chemistry beyond CHEM-121, including CHEM-200, PHYS-201, PHYS-202 and PHYS-203, and MATH-219.

Courses (CHEM)

Domski and students in lab

To catalyze your research, see Dr. Domski

New challenges? Novel experiences? For three students, this meant designing molecules and getting their work published.

Hanson expansion rendering

$2.5M Carver gift will expand science building

A $2.5 million gift from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust will be used to expand Hanson Hall of Science. Construction is likely to begin in 2018.