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Biology course catalog


TIERNEY R. BROSIUS, Associate Professor
B.S., Wayne State College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln

KRISTIN DOUGLAS, Associate Dean of the College, Professor
A.S., Waubonsee Community College; B.S., Iowa; M.S., Ph.D., Michigan

STEPHANIE FUHR, Advising and IRIS Coordinator, Instructor
B.S., M.S., Illinois

C. KEVIN GEEDEY, Professor
B.A., B.S., Ohio State; Ph.D., Michigan State

SCOTT GEHLER, Associate Professor
B.A., Cornell College; Ph.D., University of Minnesota

B.A., M.A., California State; Ph.D., New Mexico State

BRADLEY KENNEDY, Cadaver Dissection Coordinator, Instructor
B.A., University of Northern Iowa; M.S., Creighton University

JASON A. KOONTZ, Associate Professor
B.S., Iowa State; M.S., Miami University (Ohio); Ph.D., Washington State

TROY M. LARSON, Assistant Professor
B.A., Augustana College; M.S. Bradley University; Ph.D., Illinois State University

RAFAEL MEDINA, Assistant Professor
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

TIMOTHY MUIR, Associate Professor
B.A., Kalamazoo; M.S., Ph.D., Miami University (Ohio)

KIMBERLY MURPHY, Associate Professor, Chair
B.A., Winona State; Ph.D., Washington State

LORI R. SCOTT, Professor
B.S., Manchester; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois State

B.A., North Central; M.S., Ph.D., Wisconsin

B.S., Mount Union; Ph.D., Delaware

YOUNG YOO, Visiting Assistant Professor
B.A., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Northwestern University

Potential majors in biology and the pre-health science advising areas must begin their curriculum with one year of general chemistry (CHEM-121, CHEM-122, and CHEM-123), and the major with, BIOL-200 and BIOL-210.

NOTE: A student majoring in Biology may not also major in Pre-Medicine.

MAJOR IN BIOLOGY. 30 credits at the 200 level or above, including the core courses, BIOL-200, BIOL-210, BIOL-220, BIOL-370 and one 3-credit senior inquiry (SI) experience from BIOL-375, BIOL-387, BIOL-464, BIOL-465, BIOL-466 and BIOL-INTR-Sxx or any other pre-approved SI experience. Beyond the core courses, any biology course at the 200 level or above may apply to the major. BIOL-200 and BIOL-210 must be completed within one year of declaring the major; BIOL-220 and BIOL-370 must be completed within two years of declaring the major. A student who completes BIOL-464, BIOL-465 or BIOL-466 as their SI may apply 3 credits of BIOL-INTR-Axx to the major. A student who completes a sanctioned SI experience as a requirement of a second major may substitute a non-SI biology course at the 200 level or above for the 3-credit SI experiences listed above, with prior approval granted by the departmental coordinator. A student can count multiple courses from BIOL-464, BIOL-465, BIOL-466 toward the biology major; because the option to enroll in additional SI courses is based on enrollment demands, prior approval must be granted by the departmental coordinator. A student can apply only 3 credits from this list toward the biology major: BIOL-299, BIOL-399, BIOL-499, BIOL-400, BIOL-INTR-AXX, or BIOL-INTR-Sxx. Required supporting courses (9 credits): CHEM-121, CHEM-122, and CHEM-123 or equivalent. Recommended supporting courses: statistics and computer science. Additional recommended supporting courses for students expecting to work toward a M.S. or Ph.D. in the biological sciences: CHEM-311, CHEM-312, CHEM-313; MATH-219; PHYS-101, PHYS-102, PHYS-103 or PHYS-201, PHYS-202, PHYS-203.

MAJOR IN BIOLOGY EDUCATION. 30 credits, including BIOL-200, BIOL-210, BIOL-220, BIOL-308, BIOL-310, BIOL-343, BIOL-370, one of BIOL-360 or BIOL-362, one of BIOL-323 or BIOL-380 or BIOL-387; one 3-credit SI experience from the options BIOL-464, BIOL-465, BIOL-466, or BIOL-387 or the combination of EDUC-422, EDUC-450 and INTR-EDA90 as part of the Secondary Education program. See the Director of Secondary Education for more details. Required supporting courses (24 credits): CHEM-121, CHEM-122 and CHEM-123; PHYS-101 and PHYS-102; one of GEOG-101 or GEOG-103; one of GEOL-101 or GEOL-115; and ASTR-315.

MINOR IN BIOLOGY. 18 credits: 18 credits beyond the 100 level, including BIOL-200, BIOL-210, BIOL-220 and BIOL-370. Three credits from this list may apply to minor: BIOL-299, BIOL-399, BIOL-499, BIOL-400, or BIOL-INTR-Axx. Required supporting courses: 9 credits from CHEM-121, CHEM-122, and CHEM-123 or equivalent.

NOTE ON LABORATORY COURSES: In courses that require a co-requisite lab section, the lecture and lab grades are both factored into the final lecture grade. Successful completion of all BIOL lab courses require registration and a passing grade both the lecture and lab sections. 

Courses (BIOL)


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