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Learning Perspectives courses, fall 2017

The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum at Augustana includes a wide breadth of courses from multiple disciplines.

By the time you graduate, you will take at least one course in each of six Learning Perspectives: the Arts, Human Values and Existence, Individual and Society, Literature and Texts, the Past, and the Natural World. Many of these courses are taken during your first year at Augustana.

Before attending Orientation and Registration, you should review the courses below and read the course descriptions.

Choose two courses within each Learning Perspective that interest you. If you wish, you can print out a copy of the Learning Perspectives, mark with your favorites and bring with you to Orientation and Registration.

Depending upon your intended major and course availability, you may be able to take one of these classes in the fall. If you don’t get into one of these courses in the fall, you’ll have other terms in which to take them.

Perspective on the Arts (PA)

Art 101 Art 253
Art 123 Graphic Design 225
Art 211 Music 101
Art 226 Music 107
Art 232 Music 111
Art 241 Theatre 141
Art 251 Theatre 240

Perspective on Human Values (PH)

English 125M Philosophy 201

Multimedia Journalism/Mass Communication 213

Philosophy 205
Philosophy 201 Scandinavian 216

Perspective on the Individual and Society (PS)

Anthropology 100 Political Science 170
Anthropology 220 Psychology 100

Communication 210

Public Health 100

Communication/Multimedia Journalism 212

Sociology 100
Geography 130 Social Welfare 160
Philosophy 203 Women’s and Gender Studies 230
Political Science 101  

Perspective on Literature (PL)

Classics 212 English 125F
Classics 224 English 125P

Communication/Multimedia Journalism 211

English 125Q

Perspective on the Past (PP)

Africana Studies 101 History 132
Art History 165 History 150

History 113

History 151
History 120 Philosophy 240
History 130 Social Welfare 220

History 131


Perspective on the Natural World (PN)

Biology 101 Geology 104
Chemistry 121 Geology 112

Geography 103

Physics 101
Geology 101