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Engineering Physics course catalog


Advisor: JOSHUA DYER, Assistant Professor (Physics)
B.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Ph.D., Michigan State University

The major in engineering physics combines coursework in fundamental physics with specialized courses in applied physics and engineering. The major is intended for students interested in participating in our 3-2 engineering program or working in engineering or industry after graduation from Augustana.

MAJOR IN ENGINEERING PHYSICS. 29 credits, including the following PHYS courses: PHYS-170, PHYS-201, PHYS-202, PHYS-203, PHYS-220, PHYS-301, PHYS-350, PHYS-351, PHYS-352, PHYS-370; 6 credits of either PHYS-320 and PHYS-322, or PHYS-308 and PHYS-311; 3 credits in one of the following electives: PHYS-308, PHYS-311, PHYS-313, PHYS-316, PHYS-320, PHYS-322, PHYS-360, PHYS-390, PHYS-401. 6 credits in CHEM-121 and CHEM-122; 9 credits in MATH219, MATH-220, MATH-221.

The above sequence involves a selection of one of two tracks: mechanics or electricity. A student interested in mechanical or civil engineering would take PHYS-320 Mechanics I and PHYS-322 Engineering Statics, while students interested in electrical or computer engineering would take PHYS-308 Electronic Circuits and PHYS-311 Electricity and Magnetism.

Students may NOT major in both Engineering Physics and Physics (11-12-09.)

Courses (PHYS)