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Anthropology course catalog


CAROLYN HOUGH, Associate Professor
B.A., Knox; M.A. M.P.H., Ph.D., Iowa

ADAM KAUL, Associate Professor
B.A., Minnesota State–Moorhead; M.A., Northern Illinois; Ph.D., Durham

MAJOR IN ANTHROPOLOGY. 30 credits, including ANTH-100, ANTH-250, ANTH-360, ANTH-419, ANTH-420 and take an additional 6 credits in anthropology plus 9 additional credits in sociology, anthropology or social welfare courses.

MINOR IN ANTHROPOLOGY. 18 credits, including ANTH-100, ANTH-250 and ANTH-360, plus three anthropology, sociology or social welfare courses at the 200 level or higher.

Courses (ANTH)

Shanela Ranaraja

From Sri Lanka to Augustana

Lalini (Shanela) Ranaraja ’21 writes the first in a series of first-person perspectives by Augustana students from other countries.

Patrycja (Trisha) Piekarczyk

Interns: Summer in the Cities

From cyber security to food banks and seed banks, local internships highlight opportunities for many majors.