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 Dinosaur National Monument
Green River Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument. The Green River's history will be part of the keynote. (Wikipedia: Michael Rissi, 2005)

Noted writer to speak at Environmental Film Fest March 11

Environmentalist and writer Ken Brower will speak and the Sage Sisters of Solidarity will report on the Dakota Access Pipeline at the 12th annual Environmental Film Fest here March 11.

Admission is free. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. in the Olin Center. Films will be shown from 11 a.m .-5 p.m.

Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided. There will be inspirational 5-minute short films before the feature films.

Olin Center is in the campus Quad. Parking is available along 38th Street and 7th Avenue and in visitor lots on campus.

The Sage Sisters is a grassroots organization created by three indigenous women inspired by Water Protectors in their resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their update at 11 a.m. will include the short film "Mni Wiconi - The Stand at Standing Rock." (Mni Wiconi is Lakota for “Water is Life.”)

Ken Brower will speak at 3:15 p.m. He is the oldest son of David Brower, known as the father of the modern environmental movement and the first executive director of the Sierra Club. 

His topic will be "Fly on the Wall: the history and future of environmental activism by a witness to its birth." His presentation will include the short film "62 Years" chronicling his father's victory against proposed dams on the Green River of Colorado. After the film, he will speak about the dramatic story of what happened after the events of "62 Years."

The  Environmental Film Fest is sponsored by the Eagle View Group of the Sierra Club, Augustana College and Radish Magazine.

love thy nature film

Feature films

11 a.m. "Love Thy Nature"

This award-winning film narrated by Liam Neeson takes viewers on a cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. "Love Thy Nature" shows that a renewed connection with nature is key to well-being and to solving environmental and climate crises." (Run time 25 minutes)

"Breathtaking... Enthralling! One of the most potent documentaries since "An Inconvenient Truth." It will replenish your hope in mankind and Nature." — Avi Offer, Rotten Tomatoes

Future of Energy film

12:40 p.m. "The Future of Energy"

"The Future of Energy" captures the movement across the U.S. to transition to 100% renewable energy and to bring positive solutions to the ecological crisis. Featuring some of America's top energy specialists and ecological visionaries,the film presents a path towards a new energy paradigm, and how each of us can participate in creating this exciting future."  (64 minutes)

"It's a positive film about the renewable energy revolution, and a love story about the countless individuals and communities that are reimagining their relationship with the planet and with each other." — John Christensen, MeaningfulMovies 

Disobedience film

2:15 p.m. "Disobedience"

"Disobedience" is the story of the struggle to save the world. The film tells the David vs Goliath tales of front line leaders around the world risking life and limb in the fight for a livable climate.Interwoven with this verité footage are the most renowned voices in the global conversation around social movements and climate justice for a series that is personal, passionate and powerful."

"A fast-paced film on the courageous history of civil disobedience for the climate across the globe, and the future of the movement to defend our planet from fossil fuels and climate change." (

62 Years film

3:15 p.m. Ken Brower and "62 Years"

A Fly on the Wall: the history and future of environmental activism by a witness to its birth

Ken Brower's earliest memories are of the Sierra Nevada and the wild country of the American West.  A writer specializing in natural history and environmental issues, he is the author of many books and articles

At the Sierra Club, for his father, he wrote or edited 14 volumes in the "Exhibit Format Series." His work has taken him to all the continents. 

Ken Brower

As part of his presentation, the short film "62 Years" will be screened. It chronicles his father's fight and victory against a pair of proposed dams on the Green River of Colorado which would have inundated the heart of Dinosaur National Monument.

After the film, he will speak about the dramatic and crucial story of what happened after the events of "62 Years" concluded, and there will be time for a Q&A.


The  Environmental Film Fest is sponsored by the Eagle View Group of the Sierra Club, Augustana College and Radish Magazine. For more information about the Eagle View Group, see the group's website or contact Kathryn Allen.

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