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The difference between public and private colleges/universities

When you’re beginning your college search, you may be confused about what distinguishes a private institution from a public one. Learn how to clear up the confusion and get a better idea about what both kinds of schools have to offer.

Justin Verlinden
September 25, 2019

Why I chose Augustana over a state school

Justin got into his dream school - a public university a few states over with the track team he always dreamed of being on. But after visiting, he realized that it wasn't the right fit for him. 

Justin Verlinden
September 12, 2019

How to prepare for your first college visit

Visiting schools is one of the most integral (and fun) parts of the college selection process. Schools may look great on paper, but the only way to know if the school is the right fit for you is to go and get a feel for campus life. 

Justin Verlinden
September 3, 2019

Justin's dorm essentials

Your dorm means more than a TV and a game console. If that means you're unprepared to move in, Justin has some great advice for you. 

Justin Verlinden
August 19, 2019

What I learned leaving home for the first time

Justin lived away from his family and hometown for the first time during his internship at Texas Medical Center. He learned a lot about himself, his future and how he sees the world. 

Justin Verlinden
August 14, 2019