You've paid your tuition deposit. Now what?

April 5, 2019

Your past few months have been building to this moment: choosing a college. Now that you’ve made your choice and paid your tuition deposit, you may be left wondering “NOW WHAT?”. 


After a neverending to-do list while applying for college, this is uncharted territory.


Before moving to the “NOW WHAT?”, I first want to encourage you to take a moment to reflect on what got you here. 


Celebrate your achievements, thank your parents, friends and mentors for their help in the process, and most importantly, be proud of making your choice. You are officially Augustana Bound!


Okay, now for the “NOW WHAT?”.


1. Decline all offers of admission from other institutions.

We call this the “break-up”, and some students are terrified to do it. But it’s important. You can share your plans via email, phone, or by unsubscribing to a school’s emails.


2. Ring the gong.

It’s an Augie tradition and a great way to celebrate your college choice. You’ll find the gong in the Office of Admissions.


3. Connect with your classmates.

Start by joining the Augustana Class of 2023 Students Facebook group. That’s the place to introduce yourself, and then many students end up staying in touch in other ways (group chats, Snapchat, etc.).  


4. Get the right gear.

We have all the information you need about apparel and decorations for your graduation party (and beyond) on our Augustana Bound website. Show your Augie pride!


5. Find a roommate.

This is not a must. I repeat, you do not need to find a roommate on your own! Hopefully that makes you breathe a sigh of relief. The majority of our students do not match on their own and elect to go through the housing application process. New students apply for housing beginning May 1. 


6. Register for classes.

You’ll come to campus in the summer for Orientation & Registration. That’s where you’ll meet with a faculty advisor and choose your fall semester classes. The information you need to prepare for O&R is in a packet we send to deposited students and can also be found on the orientation website.


7. Read a book.

Before you arrive on campus, you’ll have already completed your first college homework assignment! Most students will buy their Augie Reads book on campus during Orientation & Registration over the summer, but you can order it on your own any time.


8. And more.

Yes, there will be more. The summer will include shopping trips for your dorm room, sending in immunization forms, completing employment paperwork, applying for student loans… and more. Don’t worry, though, we’ll be here for you every step of the way. 


Before you know it, you’ll be packing your car and heading to campus for move-in day! 


Most first-year students will arrive on Friday, August 30. Fall athletes and students registered for the PACE Multicultural Mentorship Program will arrive earlier. The full details about housing for new students can be found online.


We can’t wait to greet you in August and officially welcome you to the Augustana community. You’ve made a great choice. While you’ll find yourself asking, “NOW WHAT?” throughout the summer, we hope you’ll also find a lot of chances to celebrate being Augustana Bound!