So you've been accepted, now what?

Bryn Gatz
December 14, 2021

Congrats! You’ve accomplished the hard part. You succeeded in high school, applied to a list of colleges, waited patiently for an answer, and cheered when you opened the perfectly packed piece of mail.

Now what? Good question.

Scholarships and financial aid 
It’s important to feel comfortable with the cost and value of your college options. Now is the time to start figuring out if your options are a financial fit for you. 

- File your FAFSA and send it to all the colleges you applied to 
- Review your financial aid packages 
- Work with your admissions counselor or the financial aid office to better understand the dollar and cents
- Seek scholarship opportunities through the college and through outside sources
- Admitted students at Augustana are eligible to compete at our Open House and Scholarship Competition on February 12 – sign up!  

If your parents are involved in this part of the process, be sure to loop them in. 

Visit or revisit
You have options and now you have a decision to make. Schedule a visit to your final options. Picture yourself walking to class or eating in the dining hall. Ask to chat with faculty members in your area of interest. Ask about classes, careers and clubs.

But most importantly, check in on how you feel while you’re on campus. Are you energized by this college? Do the people strike you as extraordinary? Does it feel like home? You know yourself better than anyone. 

Keep your eyes on your inbox
Yes, colleges send a LOT of emails. But don’t check out of your inbox just because the acceptance letters have been opened. There’s important deadlines, event signups, and information being sent via email.

It can be overwhelming to keep up. Try scheduling one or two times a week to catch up on college emails. Spend an hour or so sorting through the emails of the colleges you’re interested in. Make a list of anything you need to do or any follow-up questions.

Social media
Follow your college options on all of your socials. Augustana is consistently pushing out information that could be beneficial for college preparation or decisions. We've got you. Augustana created an Instagram for incoming students to introduce themselves on (@augustanabound). It is a great way to make new friends or potentially meet a roommate. Follow them on Instagram, add them on Snapchat, even make a post introducing yourself to the page. 

You have done a phenomenal job already! You have been accepted to the college of your choice, but the work doesn’t just end there. While you have momentum, it's prime time to continue reaching toward a better future and working hard for what you want.

This decision is a big one! But you’re equipped with the tools to be successful. Congratulations on your acceptance, and go Vikes!

Bryn Gatz

Bryn Gatz (Class of 2022) is from Sterling, Ill. She is majoring in creative writing and business administration. On campus, Bryn is involved in the Phi Rho sorority, Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority, and Her Campus.