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Picking a school as a first-generation college student

How do you start looking for a college when you don’t have the resources or advice from family members to fall back on? What’s all this talk about “fit”? Where do you even begin?

May 16, 2022

Considering a major in engineering? This one’s for you

Are you curious about what an engineering major involves, what to consider in choosing a college for engineering and entry-level salaries? Read on.

October 4, 2021

How to get started on your college search as a junior

You're about to start your junior year in high school. What should you be doing for your college search? 

August 24, 2021

A smart path for future nurses

Through a unique partnership with the Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Augustana students with the passion of becoming a nurse receive phenomenal, efficient preparation in just six years. 

May 20, 2021