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Immigrant shipThe Swenson Center at Augustana College is a national library, archives and research institute providing resources for the study of Swedish immigration to North America, the communities the immigrants established, and the role the immigrants and their descendants have played in American life.

This is achieved by promoting and initiating academic research in the field and by collecting and cataloging Swedish-American archival and library materials. Another major role for the Center is to assist people researching their Swedish-American genealogy

The Swenson Center will be closed to visitors February 21-23



Swedish Immigration to North America

A brief history of Swedish immigration to North America, written by Swenson Center director Dr. Dag Blanck. 

The Dagmar and Nils William Olsson Visiting Scholar Award

This research award is open to anyone doing academic research on any aspect of Swedish-American history at the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center. 

Faculty Research Stipend

The Swenson Center offers a Faculty Research Stipend for Augustana College faculty members.

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Scandinavian Film Fest April 12-14

Augustana will present its first Scandinavian Film Fest April 12-14. The films are free and open to the public. Screenings will take place at 7 p.m. in room 304, Hanson Hall.

American Union of Swedish Singers 1893

Exhibit shows Swedes' role at 1893 World's Fair

Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center is presenting "All the World’s a Fair: Swedes at the World’s Columbian Exposition" through March 15.

Dag Blanck

Explaining the U.S. to Swedes

Dag Blanck, director of the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana, has become one of the most sought-after experts in the Swedish media for explaining what is going on in the U.S. 


Pea Soup and Swedish Pancake Supper

The American Scandinavian Association at Augustana will serve its annual Pea Soup and Swedish Pancake Supper.