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Collections: Plans and Priorities for 2013-14

Build a vibrant 21st century collection that supports undergraduate learning and research.

In collaboration with faculty, implement the collection management policy and plan

    Employ the collection management plan as a communication and policy tool (all liaison librarians)
    Update the collection management policy as needed

Evaluate existing resources on an ongoing basis; acquire new resources to support student research and curricular needs

    Explore alternatives for obtaining textbooks (Mary and Christine)

Capitalize on current institutional interest in records management planning and implementation

    Serve on ad-hoc committee to explore options for records management, and keep the issue in front of interested parties (Sarah)

Follow the development of e-book publishing

    Implement a pilot project if appropriate (Mary)

Investigate possible consortial relationships with shared print archiving programs (i.e. identify programs for Augustana to participate in managing their print collections collaboratively)