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Teaching: Plans and Priorities for 2013-14

Continue a thoughtful plan of integrating information literacy into the curriculum in a sequential, developmental manner.

Pursue the development or adaptation of assessment tools

    Support Mark Salisbury's Information Literacy Cohort (Sarah and Stefanie)
    Continue developing information literacy assessments for the AGES sequence (Amanda, Margi, Stefanie)
    Compose an initial assessment plan (Stefanie)
    Communicate results of AGES assessment (Stefanie)
    Assessment in Action program (Sarah)

Map information literacy concepts to departmental learning goals

    Assist departments in developing and evaluating departmental literature researching goals (Stefanie)
    Focus on developmental learning and the way we prepare students for life beyond Augustana (graduate school and workplace information literacy) (Connie)
    Communicate efforts to faculty in faculty newsletter and encourage departments to contact their liaison librarian for assistance with this (All)

Strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching program

    Integrate course-level, progressive instruction exercises in Special Collections to minimize redundancy and increase competencies (Sarah)
    Focus professional development activity on improving instruction and assessment (Stefanie)
    Develop blended learning pilot projects (all teaching librarians)
    Expand collaboration and coordination between Special Collections and other instruction (Sarah and All)

Review our pedagogy to ensure the focus is on higher level Bloom skills (Stefanie)