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Teaching: Plans and Priorities for 2015-16

Continue a thoughtful plan of integrating information literacy into the curriculum in a sequential, developmental manner.

Pursue the development or adaptation of assessment tools

  • Continue developing and planning information literacy assessments for AGES (Stefanie)
  • Communicate results of library assessment projects (Stefanie)
  • Revise and implement Assessment in Action study in Special Collections (Stefanie and Sam)

Align our campus information literacy initiatives with the ACRL Framework (Stefanie)

Assist departments in scaffolding library research skills within their curricula (Liaison librarians)

Strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching program

  • Integrate course-level, progressive instruction exercises in Special Collections to minimize redundancy and increase competencies (Sam)
  • Pursue professional development activity on improving instruction and assessment (Liaison librarians)
  • Collaborate and coordinate between Special Collections and other instruction (Sam and Liaison librarians)

Participate in the Teagle Project to develop online learning modules for the liberal arts environment (Stefanie)