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Service: Plans and Priorities for 2015-16

Re-evaluate library services in order to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability during transition into a 21st century library program.

Implement alternatives for providing reference services

  • Grow and expand our new reference model, including development of student research internship (Anne)
  • Expand in depth research appointment program (Anne)

Publicize research services (e.g. infographics) (Christine)

Provide copyright guidelines and education to campus community (Christine and Carla)

Provide platform (Augustana Digital Commons) and expertise for open-access scholarship and creative works (Amanda and Connie)

Explore alternatives for providing textbooks (e.g. reserve, electronic, etc.) (Mary and Christine)

Review public patron policies

  • Local public lending (Christine and Carla)
  • Develop and implement guidelines for off-site researcher requests and large reproduction orders in Special Collections (Sam)