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Translation Services

The Swenson Center staff can be hired to translate from Swedish to English. We are fluent in Swedish and English and can usually read (mid-) 19th to 20th Century script.


Our rates are $40/hour or $30/hour for Swenson Center annual supporters. Consider becoming a supporter today! Becoming a supporter can easily pay for itself in one translation request and makes sense if you have several items to translate. Translations require a 1-hour minimum and a 4-hour maximum per request. We request payment for the first 1-2 hours in advance and will invoice you for any balance. 


Before you send payment, we would like to preview a good quality email scan or mail photocopy of each Swedish document or letter that you would like translated. Take care when scanning or photocopying that you do not cut off any text. Do not send originals.

First, we will determine whether we are able to do the translation. We will offer a rough estimate of the cost. If you are considering having a large number of items translated, send only a few samples. If you choose to have us do the translation, then you can send a down payment.

After translating your document(s), we will mail you a letter with the English translation.

To start the process, please email scanned copies or send photocopies by postal mail to the addresses on our contact page.

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