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General information about Contacts from Google can be found:

Create Contacts

More information from Google:

Personal Distribution Lists (Contact Groups)

Google’s version of a distribution list is called a Group.  

To create a contact group:

1) Click Contacts along the side of any page.

2) Click the New Group button

Click the New Group Button

3) Enter the name of the group.

4) Click OK.

To add contacts to a contact group:

1) Select the contacts in the Contacts list (you can do this by typing the name you want to add in the search box and click Search)

2) Open the Groups drop-down menu.

3) Select the group you'd like to add the contact to, or select New group... to create a new group.

Click on the Groups Dropdown Menu

To email a Group:

1) Go to your Contacts

2) Click on the Group you want to email

3) Click Select All or check mark the people from the Group that you want to email.

Select all Contacts

4) Click Email

Click Email to Email