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Astra Scheduling Documentation

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For general users For Schedulers

How to Search for Scheduled Events in Astra

  1. Open Astra
  2. Click Events tab on the top ribbon.
    Click on "Events" tab after you open ASTRA
  3. Click Events in the middle of screen.
    Click on "Events" in the middle of the window.
  4. You can search an event by name, then type event you want to search, for example, basketball in the keyword  field and date range, then click search, search result will came up in the right side.
    Search by name
  5. Click Event name and it will open a event window which will show you event details.
    To see event details, just click on it's name

How to Search for Available Rooms in Astra

Note: You can go to S:\ITS\Shortcuts\ASTRA and clcik executable and create a shortcut on your desktop.

  1. Open Astra
  2. Click on the Calendar Tab
  3. Click Available Rooms
    Click on the Calendar tab and then click on "Available Rooms"
  4. Click Add New.
    Click on the "Add New" button
  5. A window will pop up with available meeting times .Select single meeting or recurring meeting, then select start time, end time and date range, click OK.
    Window with meeting rooms will pop up
  6. Click search when you finished.
    Note: You can filter by building, room, etc.  before searching if you prefer.
    Click "Search" when you are finished with the form
  7. The available rooms will be displayed in the search results area, you may need to scroll down to see all results.
    Available rooms displayed below

How to create an Event using the Event Wizard

  1. Open Astra
  2. Click on the Events tab on the top ribbon.
    Click on Events Tab in top ribbon
  3. Click on Events Wizard.
    Click on Events Wizard
  4. Enter the name of your event.
  5. Select an Event Type from the list.
  6. Enter a description if desired
  7. Enter an Estimated Attendance.
  8. Select a Customer from the list.
  9. Select a primary Customer Contact for the vent from the list.
  10. Add any additional contact persons you would like to record for the event.
  11. Enter any notes about the event.
    Enter notes about the event.
  12. Click Next or click directly on the Meetings tab.
    Click Next or click directly on the Meetings tab
  13. Enter a meeting name if different than the event name.
  14. Select a meeting type from the list.
  15. Enter a description, if desired, or click to Copy from Event.
  16. Enter a Max Attendance value if different from the event record. This value is used to filter your room search to appropriately sized rooms.
  17. Add any notes that should be applied to the meetings, or Copy from Event.
  18. Select the tab for the type of meeting(s) you would like to create.
    • Single Meeting(s) allows you to create meetings on one or more independent meeting dates , or to create a meeting "group".
    • Recurring allows you to specify a recurring pattern to create s series.
    • Spanning allows you to create a single meeting that can span across midnight.
  19. Enter the required date and time information, and/or specify the recurrence pattern.
  20. Click Create to add your meeting(s) to the meeting panel on the right.
  21. Repeat steps as needed to build a list of all meetings required for your event. You may continue to select individual dates, or change meeting types to add the required number of meetings.
  22. Click Next or click directly on the Room tab.
    Click Next or directly on the room tab
  23. Filter the list of rooms using the filter options on the left. You may use either a previously saved filter or choose new filter options and click Search.
    Filter the list of rooms using the filter options.
  24. Click on an available room cell under each meeting that corresponds to the room(s) that you would lick to schedule.
  25. Click Next or click directly on either the Resources or Finish tab.
    Click Next or either the Resources or Finish Tab
  26. Review the details of your event and event meetings. You can make final changes here or click previous or directly on a tab to add or change meetings or assignments.
  27. If all is correct, click Finish to save your event.
  28. Click Send Event Summary to send an event summary message.
    Click Send Event summary
  29. If desired, edit the Subject line of the message
  30. If desired, add a comment to the event summary message.
  31. By default, the event summary will be sent to the event contact(s) for whom the "Notify" flag was checked. To add additional recipients to the message, click Add from Contacts or Add Recipient to either select an Astra Schedule contact or enter an additional email address.
  32. Click OK to send the message.

How to create an event using Calendar

  1. Open Astra
  2. Click on the Calendar Tab
    Click on the calendar tab
  3. Click Calendar
  4. Open a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar or resource grid.
    Open daily, weekly, or monthly calendar
  5. Click on an open cell in the grid where you would like to place an event. The quick Event form will open.
  6. Enter an event name, select an Event Type from the drop-down list, edit the times and dates if needed, select a customer from the drop-down list, select a contact from the drop-down list.
    Fill in the form accordingly
  7. Click SAVE and return to the calendar.
  8. You will see the event you scheduled when you go to calendar.