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TLA Information


 Transitional Living Areas (TLAs) are campus apartments and houses located on the campus perimeter that combine many of the advantages of residential living with those of the off-campus experience. Residency in TLA housing does not require off-campus release

Advantages of Transitional Living Area


Augustana developed the Transitional Living Area (TLA) program to meet the maturing needs of college juniors who seek a more private housing environment. TLA life provides a less structured, yet fully supportive housing while still fulfilling the college's three-year live-on requirement. This experience is designed to serve as a transition period, preparing students for off-campus living.


TLA Benefits

  • Assurance of safe, well-maintained living units (Public Safety is available 24-hours per day).
  • TLA houses and apartments are open during college breaks (fall, Christmas, and spring).
  • Student rooms and kitchens are fully furnished. All TLA rooms feature loftable/stackable room furnishings.
  • Washers/dryers are provided in each traditional TLA unit, with the exception of Bellman, Roslin, and Tyr houses.
  • A Community Adviser (CA) is available to provide key service, post announcements, provide general support and assistance, and mediate any conflicts that may develop.
  • A board plan (food service) is not required, but customized options are available.
  • A variety of programs and activities, designed specifically for the mature student's needs, are offered on a regular basis. Free cable and Internet service and in some cases, lunge televisions and microwaves, are provided.
  • Twenty-four hour visitation (but not cohabitation) is available.
  • Residents who are legal age (21 or older) may responsibly consumer alcoholic beverages. More information about the TLA alcohol policies can be found in the residential living handbook, Inside Our Halls and Houses.


TLA Eligibility Requirements

  • TLA beds will be initially reserved for the third-year students only. If there are still options available after the sign up is completed, openings will be offered to interested fourth-year students.
  • Eligible students must complete the housing contract on
  • Students cannot request a TLA room or suite without the appropriate amount of roommate(s).

Building Tours

A special walking tour will been scheduled prior to housing selection. The tour begins in Erickson Center Lounge. Students will be able to view most areas and representative rooms.

Transitional Living Area Occupancy Information
Andeberg House (ABG) 738 34th St. 10 2 singles
4 doubles
Anderson House (AB) 932 35th St.   4 quads (double bedrooms)
Andreen Apartments (AND) 960 38th St.   3 quads (2 singles, 1 double)
Ansvar House (ANS) 3054 9th Ave 3 3 singles
Arbaugh Residence Center (AN 6-9) 1200 35th St.   16 quads (single bedrooms)
Asgard House (ASG) 742 34th St. 3 3 singles
Austin House (AUS) 610 39th St. 3 3 singles
Baldur House (BAL) 3410 9 ½ Ave. 3 1 single
1 double
Bartholomew House (AB) 940 35th St.   4 quads (double bedrooms)
Bellman House A (BEL) 602 39th St. 2 2 singles
Bellman House B (BEL) 602 ½ 39th St. 2 1 double
Bergman House (BER) 929 32nd St. 3 3 singles
Branting House (BRA) 3429 7th Ave. 3 3 singles
Bremer House A (BRE) 3801 8th Ave. 3 1 single
1 double
Bremer House B (BRE) 727 38th St. 5 1 single
2 doubles
Celsius House (CEL) 808 34th St. 4 4 singles
Delling House (DLL) 721 34th St. 4 2 doubles
Erfara House (ERA) 3052 9th Ave. 3 3 singles
Esbjorn House (ESB) 3025 10th Ave. 15 5 singles
3 doubles
1 quad
Forseti House (FOR) 1126 35th St. 6 6 singles
Freya House (FRE) 3235 8th Ave. 5 1 single
2 doubles
Gustav House (GUS) 608 39th St. 4 4 singles
Heimdall House (HEI) 731 34th St. 3 3 singles
House on the Hill (HOH) 3052 10th Ave.  12 8 single
2 doubles
Idun House (IDU) 3233 8th Ave. 3 3 singles
Jansson House (JAN)
1116 35th St. 3 3 singles
Karsten House (KAR) 1119 35th St. 3 1 single
1 double
Larsson House (LAR) 3250 9th Ave. 6 4 singles
1 double
Levander House (LEV) 750 35th St. 6 2 singles
2 doubles
Lindgren House A (LIN) 1206 35th St. 3 3 singles
Lindgren House B (LIN) 1204 35th St. 3 3 singles
Local Culture House (LCH)
1118 35th St. 3 3 singles
Martinson House A (MAR) 800 34th St. 2 2 singles
Martinson House B (MAR) 800½ 34th St. 2 2 singles
Milles House (MIL) 1113 35th St. 3 1 single
1 double
Moberg House (MOB) 3336 7th Ave. 4 4 singles
Naeseth Residence Center (AN 1-5) 3311 13th Ave.   20 quads (single bedrooms)
Nobel House (NOB) 812 34th St. 4 4 singles
Oden House (ODN) 921 34th St. 5 5 singles
Hansen House (HAN)  3037 10th Ave. 5 5 singles
Parkander Residence Centers (PAR)
3605 - 3601 11th Avenue   14 quads (single bedrooms)
Roslin House A (ROS) 618 39th St. 2 1 double
Roslin House B (ROS) 618 ½ 39th St. 2 2 singles
Ryden House (RYD) 3400 10th Ave. 12 4 singles
4 doubles
Sanning House (SAN) 3048 9th Ave. 3 3 singles
Skadi House (SKA) 3437 7th Ave. 4 4 singles
Swanson SW (SWA) 1010 38th St.   8 singles
11 quads (single bedrooms)
4 quints (single bedrooms)
10 sextets (single bedrooms)
Swedenborg House (SWE) 3443 7th Ave. 3 1 single
1 double
Thor House (THO) 816 34th St. 3 3 singles
Tyr House (TYR) 1111 37th St. 2 1 double
Vidar House (VID) 1200 32nd St. 3 1 single
1 double
Viking House (VIK) 730 34th St. 8 4 singles
2 doubles
Wicksell (WIC) 1120 35th St. 3

1 single

1 double

Zorn House (ZOR) 3051 10th Ave. 3 3 singles
All information accurate as of 6/20/13, but subject to change      


2014-2015 Room Costs

A Hall Double & Triple $1,592.00 $4,776.00
D Deluxe room Traditional Res Hall rooms with bathroom access in room $1,857.00 $5,571.00
C Hall single/TLA double or triple
Singles in Westerlin, Erickson, Seminary Hall, Andreen/TLA's with shared double or triple occupancy bedrooms
$2,151.00 $6,453.00
G TLA single
TLA's with residents having own bedroom
$2,448.00 $7,344.00

For more Information...
The Office of Residential Life welcomes calls (309-794-2686) and visits. We are located in the west wing of Andreen Hall, 960-38th Street. Room dimensions are drawings can be found on the Office of Residential Life website( or in the Office of Residential Life. A compilation of area/houses specific information (room location within unit, structural benefits and concerns, etc.) is also available at the Office of Residential Life.