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Spanish Club

This club is designed to be a welcoming, educational environment in which members explore and learn about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, write in Spanish in order to create a monthly newsletter entirely in Spanish, plan events and fun activities for students to learn about culture and raise money for schools abroad.

El Campanario, the club magazine

President: Ashton Hutchenson
Vice president:Virsinskaite/Mel Cherry
Secretary: Adam Lydigsen-Grimes
Treasurer: Katie Villa

Advisor: Sonia Zarco-Real
Phone: 309-794-7330; 309-794-7663

See the club's Facebook page for news and events.

Upcoming events fall of 2015

The Picassian Experience: Become an Artist for one Night

Bewteen two "Orishas": Let's dance Cuban Hip-Hop

The Ecuador Project Fund Raising

Last academic year, the Spanish Club hosted these events:

Experiencing Flamenco, January.
Tapas Night: A Taste of Spain and Latin American History, March.
Poetry of Salsa Night, April.
Spanish Club Film Series: Terror, Acción y Amor. April and May.
Engagement and contribution to Celebra Floreciente. May.