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In order to compete for one of our debate scholarships (up to $2500 per year, renewable up to four years), the following materials must be submitted by February 1.

  • A 5-minute video of you debating. This video would be a rebuttal speech from a real round or practice debate. We're not as concerned about how fast you are, but want to see where you are in terms of your argument development. You can send a DVD-R, CD-R or a link to the website where this video has been uploaded.
  • A recommendation letter from a coach or advisor. In a 1-2 page letter, we would like the following questions to be addressed. What kind of work habits does this debater have? (Time management, balancing school and debate). What are his or her strengths as a debater? Weaknesses? Compare this competitor to the students that you have worked with in the past three to five years.
  • Each student should complete a one- to two-page, single-spaced essay. In this essay, the following issues should be addressed: What have you learned most from debate? What do you hope to do with debate in college? What are your expectations and goals of collegiate debate? Be specific, draw on your experience to provide examples that illustrate your argument.

There is no magic answer to these questions. Instead, we are trying to get a sense of how you would fit with the program.

For more questions, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 309-794-7207.


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