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Business Club

The annual Chicago Business Trip took place on December 5-6.
The companies that were visited are Merrill Lynch, Leo Burnett, the Chicago Bulls, and Red Frog Events!

Tim Adam Avitae Business Club
Tim Adam, VP of Sales at Avitae, speaks to students at Business Club

Augustana Business Club is a student-run organization that involves learning experiences and opportunities through business for students of all majors. Students interact with employees and business leaders from various industries. This club provides Augustana students with the information and opportunities required for success in career development by establishing an interactive, professional atmosphere through educational resources and corporate involvement. This club also focuses heavily on developing networking resources and building a professional network.

Riley Moss
Vice President: Nathan McAlpine
 Jake Lewis
Treasurer: Ryan Muzzarelli

Advisor: Kelly Weeks
Phone: (309) 794-7480