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Leadership Programs at Augustana

The Office of Student Life and Leadership (OSL) leadership program is focused on exposing and educating aspiring, new and experienced student leaders to topics, theories and opportunities with leadership. Our approach is experiential in nature; challenging students to incorporate their knowledge and skills into practice. Our goal is to assist students in advancing their understanding of self and how they may use their competencies to impact the greater community. For more information about leadership programs, education, and opportunities please contact Garrett Miner, Laura Ford, or Jon Simmons, Co-Directors of OSL Leadership Development. 

Ongoing Leadership Development Experiences:

One-Time Leadership Development Experiences:

  • Organization Leaders Workshop
  • LeaderQuest
  • Mosaic: A Leadership & Diversity Experience
  • Multicultural Leadership Retreat
  • StrengthQuest Assessment
  • Women's Leadership Symposium

Other Leadership & Personal Development Programs:

  • OSL Programming Board Contemporary Issues Series
  • Delta Series
  • First-Year Success Series
  • Greek Life Education Programs
  • Knowledge Forums