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Augustana Global Ambassador Program

Augustana's Global Ambassadors are a group of dedicated students who work closely with the International Student Life office to support the international student population.  Many of the Global Ambassadors are international students, have lived or studied abroad and often in multiple countries.  

The Global Ambassadors lead sessions during International Student Orientation, pick students up at the airport and plan programming throughout the year.

As mentors they work closely with international students helping them adjust to life not only on campus but also in the surrounding area.

Current Global Ambassadors 2014-2015

  • Jessica Gerdisch (USA)
  • Mayu Oya (dual citizen USA & Japan)
  • Nikki Radloff (USA)
  • Maggie Richardson (USA)
  • Megan Young (USA)
  • Yee Mon Thant (Myanmar)
  • Alyssa Clarida (USA)
  • Emily Stanevicius (USA)
  • Rachel Vandermyde (USA)
  • Alecsus Sebben (USA)
  • Savindri Jayawardana (Sri Lanka)
  • Michaila Cooper (USA - lives in China)
  • Meagan Murphy (USA)
  • Kesia Cameron (dual citizen USA & South Africa, lives in China)
  • Tharakie Pahathkumbura (Sri Lanka)
  • Jonathan Schwengler (USA)
  • Long Nguyen (Vietnam - International Student Life photographer)