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Network Drives


All students have access to certain network drives. Your personal storage drive is the H drive. You are allowed 15 MB of storage. Any data saved to a network drive is stored on a server in ITS. This information is backed up making it a very secure place to save valuable data. Students also have access to the S drive where various shared documents are stored.

To configure your computer to enable access to these drives, follow the configuration instructions or contact ITS for assistance.

Faculty and Staff

All of the computers on campus are connected to Augustana's local area network (LAN). The main server is called Saga. Saga services the various drives shared only by Augustana faculty and staff and accessible only on campus. The drives you will use are the:
The H: drive contains space for you to store files in a personal folder called your "home directory."
The O: drive contains space for your department to store files for which members of the department are allowed to share.
The Q: drive is called Databases on Saga which is a shared drive that contains databases that has permission protected folders
The S: drive is called Common on Saga which is a shared drive that contains files and folders you can access for information only 

How to Access Network drives on a Mac

  1. In Finder, go to the Go menu
  2. Choose connect to server
  3. Type in: smb://
    • for the O: drive, add this to the end: /office (i.e. if ITS, add /ITS; if English, add /EN; etc.)
    • for the S: drive, add this to the end: /common
    • for a faculty/staff/administration H: drive, add this to the end: /staff/yourusername$
    • for a student H: drive, add this to the end: /students/yourusername$
  4. If you are using a public computer, make sure to eject your network drive when you are done!