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Preparing for the Fall Term

In coming to Augustana, you are joining a vibrant social and intellectual community. Living at Augustana will be a significant change for most incoming students, though, and it's difficult to know what to expect. The information in these pages will help you prepare for the your time on campus. Click on the following links to learn about some of the experiences that await you.

Summer Reading Program
Every summer, the incoming class reads a book in common, both to give that group a common experience and to introduce you to college academic life. More information coming soon.

Welcome Week
Our fall Welcome Week program introduces you to your new life at Augustana.

The Academic program
Curious about what you'll be taking in the fall? Click here for information about this as well as a general introduction to the Augustana's Liberal Arts Core Curriculum.

Family Weekend
Each fall the community takes one weekend to welcome students' families to the campus. Watch here for more information.