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Placement Tests and Student Survey

Every new student at Augustana takes a survey and completes two online placement tests — chemistry and at least one foreign language. These are required, even if you don't intend to take courses in these areas.

The placement tests help you and your advisor plan your courses. The tests are not graded and do not affect your GPA. They assure that if you do take courses in these areas, you will begin coursework at your level of ability. So you should take the tests without the assistance of other people or resources. If you have assistance, you may be placed in a course that is beyond your ability.

Once you have completed the survey and tests, we will send you an email with a link you can use to request an Orientation & Registration date (if you are a first-year student) or sign up for Transfer Orientation & Registration or August Orientation & Registration. After we have received your request, you will receive a confirmation email within a week.

IMPORTANT: Some of the items below require your student ID number. You received your ID number in the packet we mailed you and in an email from the Admissions Department.

Please do not use a phone or tablet to complete the tests or the survey.

Student Readiness Survey

These questions are designed to help us understand how you assess your academic skills, behaviors and values. There are no right or wrong answers. Your honest responses will help your academic advisor support you.



Many students decide to pursue a major in the sciences after their first year in college. To help with course planning, all new students take the chemistry test regardless of previous experience or intended major.

Chemistry placement test

Foreign languages

All new students must take a foreign language placement test, even if they completed four years of a foreign language in high school. Students must either complete the first year of a college level foreign language course (101, 102 and 103), or demonstrate an equivalent competency.

Augustana offers courses in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Spanish and Swedish. If you have any experience in French, German, Latin or Spanish, take the placement test in that language — even if you don’t plan to study the language at Augustana. You may take placement tests in more than one language.

If you have taken four years of foreign language in high school, take the placement test for that language. You'll learn more about your requirements and options at Orientation.

If you have taken less than four year of foreign language in high school, take the placement test for that language. You'll learn more about your requirements and options at Orientation.

If you have experience in a language other than French, German, Latin or Spanish, contact regarding your foreign language placement test.

If you have no foreign language experience, contact regarding your foreign language placement test.

If you are an international student and have studied a language other than English, follow the instructions for the language placement tests. If English is your only language other than your native language, or you do not intend to study a language while you are at Augustana, you are not required to take a language placement test.

Note: If your placement test indicates that you may be exempt from the foreign language requirement but you have taken less than four years of that language in high school, you will be re-tested in the fall.


French placement test

If you have questions, contact Dr. Taddy Kalas.


There is no placement test for German, but all students with prior study of German should fill out the questionnaire. 

• German questionnaire


Latin placement test

If you have questions, contact Dr. Emil Kramer.


You need to know this before you take the test!

You can't take this placement test more than once; we will not record additional scores. After you've clicked "Begin" enter your first name, last name and email address. If you are asked to enter a password instead of the above information, the password is: vikings1. Disregard the scores at the end of the test; they do not apply to Augustana students. You will be notified of your placement at Orientation & Registration.

Spanish placement test


Augustana does not require a math placement test. Instead, we use your Math Index Score, based on your high school GPA and your ACT/SAT math score. Incoming students will receive a letter from the Director of First Year Advising with their score and course placement prior to their Orientation & Registration date. For more information about your math placement, please click here.