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Orientation & Registration Schedules

Starting in late April, new students will begin receiving Orientation & Registration packets from the Augustana Office of Admissions. This packet will include everything you need to know and do to prepare for Orientation & Registration. See the event schedule below.

August Orientation schedule (Wednesday, August 19)

This event is for new first-year and transfer students (and their families) who are not yet registered for the fall term. Students attending this event may move in to their residence hall on this morning at no additional cost. The student may also choose to move in on Tuesday, August 18, but an additional charge of $25 will apply. Students should notify Residential Life (309-794-2686) of their move-in date in either case.

Students should allow about 45 minutes for the check-in process between 11 am and noon. Please bring:

  • Completed employment forms (Federal W-4, State W-4, and I9)
  • Driver's license or photo ID
  • Original Social Security card, birth certificate or government-issued passport
  • Completed Immunization form, if it is not already submitted
  • Parent's current email address to sign up for e-billing

For students and parents

11 am - noon

Check-in, Center for Student Life (CSL), fourth floor

Employment Forms

Photo for Student ID
Computer login
Immunization forms

Talk with representatives from Residential Life, Financial Aid and ITS

Noon - 12:50 pm

Lunch in CSL for students and parents

Students will receive a ticket for a free lunch at check-in.

1:00 p.m.

Welcome to families and students, Gavle 3

Dr. Evelyn Campbell, Dean of Students

Mary Windeknecht, Director of First Year Advising

Student Schedule

1:15-1:30 pm                

Student Welcome, Gavle 1                                                        

Dr. Kristin Douglas, Associate Dean                                            

1:30-2:30 pm            

Your Augustana Game Plan
The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum
Academic Success at Augustana

Fall Registration Worksheet (first year students), Gavle 1

Your Program Evaluation (transfer students), Gavle 2

Dr. Kristin Douglas, Associate Dean
Susan Granet, Associate Registrar

Mary Windeknecht, Director of First Year Advising

2:30-4:10 pm

Students rotate between two 50-minute sessions:

1) Advising and Registration, fourth floor CSL

2) A. Campus Life, Gavle 2

    B. Student Loans, Gavle 2

4:10 pm

Reunite with family in The Brew, CSL

Parent Schedule

1:15-1:20 pm                      

Parent Welcome, Gavle 3    

Dr. Evelyn Campbell, Dean of Students                                                  

1:20-2:20 pm

Student Success...In the Classroom, Gavle 3

Mary Windeknecht, Director of First Year Advising

Pareena Lawrence, Provost of the College

Liesl Fowler, Registrar

2:20-2:30 pm


2:30-3:30 pm

Student Success...Outside the Classroom, Gavle 3

Dr. Evelyn Campbell, Dean of Students

Mark Anderson, Assistant Dean of Students

Mike Tendall, Director of Counseling Services

Patricia Santoyo-Marin, Director of Multicultural Student Services


3:30-4:10 pm

Financial Realities

Diane McCann, Student Accounts Services Director

Dave Myatt, Financial Aid

Julie Bacon, Financial Aid

4:10 pm

Reunite with your student in The Brew, CSL