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At Orientation & Registration, you'll get acquainted with your new learning and living environment and meet with an academic advisor. At the end of the day, you'll be registered for classes for the fall term.

Starting in late April, new students will begin receiving Orientation & Registration packets from the Augustana Office of Admissions. Review the information carefully. It includes your student ID number, which you will need to complete several of the steps below.

Before you can sign up for Orientation & Registration, you must complete the first three steps below:

STEP ONE:  Confirm your email address.

Until you attend Orientation & Registration, we will communicate with you via your personal email account. You will need to verify your current email address.

Verify your email address

STEP TWO:  Read the Placement Guide you received in your packet.

The guide explains why we require new students to complete the placement tests and survey. A temporary student ID card is attached. You'll need your ID number to complete the next steps.

STEP THREE: Take two placement tests and complete a survey.

Take the chemistry placement test and at least one foreign language test, even if you don't intend to take courses in these areas at Augustana. Then complete the survey. Complete this step as soon as possible so you can sign up for Orientation & Registration.

(For more information about why we require tests, see the Placement Guide.)

Placement tests and survey

STEP FOUR: Watch for an email from us confirming receipt of your tests and survey.

After you have completed the steps above, you'll receive an email from within one week. The email will include a link to the webpage where you can complete STEP FIVE. If you don't receive the email within one week, check your spam folder first, then call Admissions at 309-794-7341.

STEP FIVE:  Register for Orientation & Registration 2014.

First-year students

In this step, we want to know your top three date choices for Orientation & Registration. We can accommodate a limited number of students each day, so it's important to submit your date choices as early as possibe. There are six dates to choose from:

Monday, June 9
Friday, June 13
Monday, June 16
Friday, June 20
Friday, July 11
Monday, July 14

After you have completed this step, you'll receive a confirmation email from us within one week.

Please do not make travel arrangements until your Orientation date is confirmed.

Transfer students

We encourage you to attend Transfer Orientation & Registration on June 5 so you can register as early as possible for the fall term. If you cannot attend on this date, you can attend Orientation & Registration on August 20, just before the start of the fall term. Watch for this option in our emails to you.

Students from out of state

You have the option of attending an Orientation & Registration event on August 20, just before the start of the fall term. Watch for more information in our emails to you.

STEP SIX:  Submit necessary personal information forms

If you are a first-year student, ask your high school to send your final transcript to Augustana (including the second semester of your senior year) by August 1. Transfer students should request a final transcript from any college they previously attended.

All students need to submit an Immunization Form by June 20. Students who would like to submit a Request for Special Accommodations form should do so by June 20.

Immunization and accommodation forms

STEP SEVEN:  Come to Orientation & Registration 2014

We ask all students to complete campus employment paperwork even if they currently don't plan to work on campus. There are many one-time jobs on campus for which students are compensated. Having your employment information on file means fewer hassles and faster pay.

Students need to have the following documents and information in their possession (not their parents') when they come to campus:

  • Your driver's license or a photo ID.
  • Your original Social Security card, birth certificate or government-issued passport. 
  • Your completed Immunization Form if you did not already send it.
  • Your parents' current email address to sign up for e-billing.

 Orientation & Registration Schedule