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August Orientation & Registration

August Orientation & Registration, held just before the start of the fall term, is for students who are unable to attend an event in the summer.This includes any student not yet registered for the fall term: first-year students, transfer students, and out-of-state students. August Orientation is on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015. (Note: The date of this event may be incorrect in the enrollment brochure you received.) Please complete the form below to sign up for this event.

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Please tell us the major(s) you are considering pursuing at Augustana. This will help us advise you at Orientation & Registration.

  • If you have one primary interest, please list only one field (do not list a potential minor, for instance, just because there is an empty second box).
  • If you are undecided, indicate "undecided" in the first box and leave the second box empty.
  • If you are considering majoring in chemistry, biology, or the health professions, it is important for you to let us know at this time, for proper planning purposes.

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Please double check the information above before submitting this form. After you click submit, you should be directed to a "Thank You" page; this will confirm that we have successfully received the form. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration for this event within one week. If you have questions, please email us at