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Campus update for Sept. 1, 2020

Sept. 1, 2020

Officially open!

The new Augustana Convenient Care health clinic was celebrated today with a ribbon-tying event on campus.

SGA President Kaitlyn Watkins was among the speakers, and thanked faculty and campus leaders for the collaboration with students that led to the clinic.

"We could not have picked a better time to focus on health and wellness," she said.

A message from Dean of Students Wes Brooks

covid-19 info

Campus community, 

It is clear we are taking our precautionary measures seriously. Thank you! Everyone is doing a great job masking up. I am extremely proud of our efforts thus far. But this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon! 

Continuing to follow our plan moving forward is extremely important. 

A few reminders:

1.) Physical distancing is important! I recognize 6 feet is farther than we'd all like to be. But, it's an important part of the college's COVID response plan. Specifically, when walking with others or standing in lines, please spread out. 

2.) If you are experiencing symptoms or know or believe you've been in contact with someone with COVID-19, contact Public Safety right away: 309-794-7711. Contacting Public Safety triggers the college's response effort. 

3.) The dining hall is a unique environment. The state of Illinois requires us to wear a mask at all times when not eating. Everyone in the dining hall should be masked if they are not sitting at a table to eat. Please distance as much as possible at the tables. When you have finished eating and are socializing at those tables, masking is required. 

4.) Furniture needs to remain in its assigned location. For example, don't move desks in classrooms or tables in the dining hall. These items are placed to ensure physical distancing occurs. 

5.) Social gatherings that are not sponsored by the college, both on and off campus, are limited to 10 people and masks and physical distancing are expected. Residence hall rooms are limited to one visitor per room at any time. 

6.) Please be mindful of riding together in vehicles across campus. If you are riding together, mask up while in your car.

Today's updates:

• Campus Rec is ready to roll with fall classes next week.

• Tonight: Esports Club first meeting and raffle.

• Tomorrow: InterVarsity invites the campus to its weekly Community Nights to learn about the organization. First meeting is at 7 p.m.


dining center capacity

Don't wait in line!

If you are headed to the Gerber Dining Center, you can check to see how crowded it is using this capacity counter. Find it on the Current Students page or on Dining.

The counter is green when there is plenty of space, yellow when it's nearly full, and red when at capacity. Use the counter to find times when you won't need to wait.