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Keep your family safe this Thanksgiving

Nov. 12, 2020


I write to you as the college’s chief academic officer, as an Augustana alumna, and as the parent of a first-year college student.  

First, let me tell you how incredibly proud I am of you and this Augustana community that we love. When we began classes in August, even the most optimistic among us sometimes questioned whether in-person learning during COVID was feasible, much less sustainable until Thanksgiving. But, we remain on track to do just that.

We’ve accomplished so much together this semester, and the faculty and staff at Augustana are cheering you on as you complete a semester like no other.

Now, more than ever, though, we must be mindful of how our choices impact our Augustana community and, very soon, our home communities. 

Within a matter of weeks, most of you will be transitioning home to complete finals from a distance. We want that for you and your loved ones, who likely miss you terribly.  But, mostly, we urge you to make decisions now that will keep your mom and dad, aunties and uncles, abuelas and abuelos — or whomever you call family — safe.

So, please, for your family and friends here and at home. Stay vigilant. Keep those masks on.  Keep washing those hands. Make good choices, safe choices. It’s the best holiday gift you can give to those that you love.  

Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Provost and Dean of the College
Professor of Communication Studies