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Credit policy for room and board charges (2020 spring semester)

March 20, 2020

Due to the recent developments from the outbreak of COVID-19, Augustana College will provide a partial room and board credit for the 2020 spring semester. 


Students will receive a 50% credit for both standard housing and meals charged for the 2020 spring semester.

Housing includes housing for hall double/triple, deluxe double/triple, hall single, deluxe single, transitional living area (TLA) double/triple, and TLA single.

Community Advisors (CAs) also will receive a 50% credit based on their current reduced rate. 

Meals include Gold plan unlimited, Full meal plan, Any 15 Plus, Any 12 Plus, and Any 10 weekly programs.

Calculation of credits will not include fees related to Viking Bucks.

The off campus meal plans which include the Any 90, Any 75 and Viking Bucks plans will carryover to the 2020 fall semester.

Graduating seniors with a Viking Bucks balance or additional meals available on the 90/75 meal plan will receive a credit.

All credits will be applied to the student’s account. Students will receive a refund in April if their student account balance results in an overall credit.

Any extensions past March 28 approved by the Office of Residential Life will be charged a prorated amount (based on the original program fee) for both housing and meals. 

Students who have left campus with personal belongs still in their residence hall will NOT be charged a fee. Designated times will be determined through the Office of Residential Life for scheduled pick-ups. 

Reopening prior to the conclusion of the 2020 spring semester

If the college decides to open activities in the last couple weeks of the semester, students utilizing housing and meal programs will be charged a prorated amount based on the original program fee.

All questions related to the policy should be directed to