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Campus update for April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

Dear students,

Before hopping off to the holiday weekend, we'd like to remind you that there are 37 alumni waiting to meet you. They are Viking Connections and they are offering free and friendly career advice. What are you waiting for?

And also, have you made an appointment with one of our career coaches via Handshake? No pressure :)


presentation party

How to throw a presentation party

Just in case you have time on your hands this weekend, Patti Grod '20 is going to give you some pointers over at Blogustana.




lindberg center

Now in progress!

Construction progress is slow but continuing on Augustana’s new Lindberg Center, opening in spring of 2021.

Get to know Peter Lindberg.




Today's updates:

• You should have received an email from the Registrar with details about registration next week. You will register for both fall 2020 and J-term 2021. It's worth your time to check out the Tips page.

• Speaking of tips, the Reading/Writing Center offers some about motivation and organization.

• We have some sweet photos in case you want to spruce up the backgrounds of your video chats.

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Today's video: Last night's Wednesday Chapel

Today's recipe: Augie Bang Bang Chicken

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Take a moment, be still

Xong Sony Yang, Director, Office of International Student and Scholar Services

Tuesday’s 75+ degree weather was beautiful in Rock Island! I could not have been more excited to draw back the curtains that morning to reveal the dancing sunshine and hear the chirping of the birds.

Fueling my soul I was determined to plant myself out in the patio for the work day. By the afternoon, I had done just that and reminded my staff and colleagues via conference calls to do the same, urgently, before the rain came again. The sunshine and warm weather lasted well into the evening hours and it was a much needed sight for me to see. I was grateful!

Probably like most of you, the past two weeks of quarantine with gloomy weather was hard. And it seemed like the heavens were mourning right along with me. During that time I had been craving sunshine and warmth to somehow...lighten my heart in reflection of all that was happening in the world.

I regularly checked for sunshine on the weather app and went on a roller coaster of excitement and sadness to see forecasted sunshine turn to cloudy and dark skies. So, I was doubtful the 75+ degree and sunshine weather would ever come and stay long enough to enjoy.

To my surprise, the rain held up. My enjoyment of warmth had been extended and experienced alongside colleagues to the sounds of a woodpecker, the playful squirrel, wood being chopped, the singing birds, and children playing about. All the while the sunlight sparkled on the budding of the trees, flower buds, and growing green grass, I remember taking it all in and noting all would be OK.

In my times of hardship of doubt and self-reflection, I am often reminded to be present, to pause, and to take notice of change without judgment. It could not be more true than right now when the world has come together to assess the difficulties as a global nation.

As I look for stillness during this time, my thoughts and prayers of love and hope are being sent to all of Augustana Vikings around the world. May you also find stillness and peace.

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