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Campus update for April 6, 2020

April 6, 2020

Dear students,

Justin Verlinden is part of our Blogustana crew, connecting you with campus through the eyes of a student. Today, he's writing about distance learning

A couple of highlights: 

→ Try for a quiet study space. "The last thing you need is for your mom to start vacuuming while you watch an important video from your professor."

→ Turn off your phone. "Now that we’re distance learning, you’ll have plenty of time to scroll through social media or play games on it" later.

Today's updates:

• The Business Office has processed room and board refunds. Students eligible for a refund will see it noted on their account statement. Checks will be mailed to students who have a credit balance on or around April 20.  

• ITS is holding Google Hangouts to answer questions starting today. Hangouts will be from 1-1:30 p.m. every weekday. This event has been added to your calendar, so join by clicking on the event.

The Registrar's daily drop-in also should be on your calendar for 9:30-10 a.m. weekdays. There will be no sessions this Friday (Good Friday).

• Our first virtual Wednesday Chapel was so well-attended, that we will continue these services. We will share a link to this week's service asap.

• Their office may be closed, but students and staff in the Office of Student Life and Leadership are brainstorming ways to bring you together. Ideas include virtual bingo, virtual Magic, a Hogwarts digital escape room, calligraphy workshop and more. Email Ken Brill if you have a brain wave.

Also, Greek Council is continuing to plan upcoming elections, virtual activation of new members and guidance on how to engage chapter members virtually.

• Reminder: Augie NAMI members invite you to their drop-in tonight. It's Pets Night!

• • •

Today's recipe: Augie Chipotle Aioli

Today's video: Admissions tries new skills on Tik Tok

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Career lessons from the sewing machine

Laura Kestner-Ricketts, Executive Director of Career and Professional Development

This weekend was a nice break from retooling how CORE and Career Development serve students. While social distancing, my mother and I spent the day sewing masks for friends and family. Our local hospital shared a pattern and has a drop-off site for masks to be used to support health care workers and their families.

Pulling out my sewing machine from the 1980s reminded me of the three pieces of choosing a career path: interests, skills, and values.

I had an interest in contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

Though not necessarily a great seamstress (my first and last piece of clothing was a jump suit for a trip to Disney in 1984) I knew I had the sewing skills to complete a mask.

And a value of mine is to abide by the rules while helping those who are in need.
The icing on the cake is what our friends in vocational exploration refer to as how can we serve the needs of the world.

Now I’m not recommending you all go out and sew masks (though there are great online resources to show you how).

What I am recommending you do is use this time, this extra time, to really think about who you are: your interests (what you like to do), your skills (what you are good at), and your values (what’s important to you). Making a good solid career choice will help with your motivation and success.

 Please send comments, questions or suggestions to

 It Begins with A

Probably many of you attended the It Begins with A celebration as incoming first-years. This annual event will go on virtually April 18.