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Campus update for April 30, 2020

April 30, 2020

Dear students,

Tonight things start to get real for our seniors.

The Virtual Senior event starts at 7 p.m. Meet your chosen class representative for 2020, get graduation details, and more.

Then next Thursday, May 7, it's the annual Last Lecture and Senior Toast. Your champagne flutes are on their way and after the lectures, President Bahls will toast to the Class of 2020!

(If anyone cares to share a flute box opening photo, we would love to have it.)


The beat goes on

Professors and music students have have found ways to re-establish the connection they had in person.

Today's updates:

• Seniors, let the forms begin! We're asking you to fill out information related to commencement, and also the annual Senior Survey.

• Needed: Applications for Homecoming Committee Chairs. Help plan and coordinate events such as Bonfire/ Kick-Off, Homecoming Games, Talent Show, Rope Pull and Yell, and the Sing competition!

• Campus Rec will continue virtual fitness classes in May. (There is Sunday yoga!)

• Campus Cupboard will be open from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Friday.

• When caps and gowns arrive on campus, graduates will get an email notice. Caps and gowns can be picked up at the Bookstore or can be mailed to you. Requests to mail caps and gowns must be received by June 10. Get all the details. @augiebookstore

National Poetry Month

In honor of the last day of National Poetry Month, here's a poem from the upcoming issue of SAGA art and literary magazine.

Free copies of SAGA will be available on-campus for pickup when that is possible. For updates on digital copies, you can follow SAGA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Rush Hour

by Megan Hoppe

The sun on his way to work creates a sense of just awoken—
Rubbing eyes and sleepy yawns
Dew yet to be lifted dampens a gravel path that eases
Into a downhill slope where its rocks slowly fall prey to gravity
This is not an avalanche, it is a morning stretch
It is children leaving home for the first time

The trees surrounding the path omit hummed harmonies—
Rush hour is their favorite hymn
A soft warmth greets their song and slowly grows
Melting icicles keep the beat for the woodland choir…
Drip… drip…
Do trees notice the passage of time?

Do they shake out their cricks and creaks while the sun sings morning salutations—
roots downing coffee from buttercups
When do the birds chirp time to eat, time to worship, time to dream?
A tree only stops reaching up when it is cut down, its nature
Is to touch the sun…
Is a tree a sort of child?

We, as young, also tried to touch the sky until told that it is too far away—
Sapling children with willowy limbs
Drifting leaves are swallowed baby teeth
Does the tooth fairy place a quarter in the crook of a trees’ branches?
Pat it softly, comfortingly, and whisper,
Don’t worry, they will grow back soon.