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Campus update for April 15, 2020

April 15, 2020

Dear students,


The Outreach Team, a group of dedicated Augie employees, is calling you each week to check in.

If you didn't recognize the number and didn't answer, that's OK. (They are working from home, so the call will not always have 794 exchange.)

They will leave a voicemail and also follow up with an email. Please respond with a call or email back so they know you're there.

We just want to know if you have any problems or questions and also, just generally how you're doing!

Today's updates:

Keep learning at Augustana is a collection of resources, including video instructions on using Starfish. New distance-learning features have been added to Starfish. Send suggestions for "Keep learning" to Associate Dean Jessica Schultz.

• There is still time to apply for programs in the 2020-2021 study abroad cycle. The deadline is May 8. Some very cool J-term programs remain open, including Holden Village, France, Mexico and many more.

You should be joining Traveler Trivia on Instagram (@augustana_studyabroad_).

• A message from Gray Matters: When skies are gray, we can only find color around us. Find it in your friends, family, professors — anyone who is willing to listen and offer support. Check in on your friends and family during this time, but most importantly, check in with yourself.

Please do not be afraid to reach out to us for support: Haley DeGreve, Kevin DonovanKayla Dillon, Mackenzie Peterson, and Sage Sanders. And here's a video inspiration for you made by Kevin.

• Farrah Roberts, director of Student Well-Being and Resiliency, tested the free Nod app and says it has some nice features. It's designed as a tool to help prevent loneliness during the pandemic.

• Don't forget Collegiate Trivia tonight!

• • •

Today's video: Tonight's 8 p.m. YouTube premiere for Wednesday Chapel.

• • •

Keep in touch and serendipity

Leslie DuPree, Director of Web Services

You've probably heard of the "serendipity effect." It's an unplanned but happy discovery and we've all had them: the best friend you met by chance on a trip, or the now-favorite food you tried only because it was the last thing left at a buffet.

Social distancing weakens the serendipity effect. You're not walking past event posters in the Brunner. You don't see the table tents in the dining center, or video screens in the hallway, or department bulletin boards.

But, we can communicate with each other about things that are happening online. Clubs are meeting, counselors are holding appointments, Campus Rec is offering classes. Relay for Life is still on. Theatre is holding auditions.

You can help by sharing and participating. You took the first step by opening this email. If you have friends who aren't reading their email, encourage them to. (I know you are getting a lot of email, btw. You can handle it!)

Help us all retain our sense of community by sharing. Got an event? We will add it to the campus calendar. A bit of news, a story idea, an announcement of some sort? Just reply to this email with the details (or send at any time to

I can't promise that we will include everything you send in the Campus Update just as you send it, but we will try.

We all might discover a person, resource, club or even a recipe to make us feel closer. Who knows? That's the beauty of it.

7th ave

Josh Becker, Augie grounds supervisor, took this photo early Wednesday on 7th Avenue.