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Services for students

Augustana College offers a wide variety of services to meet the practical and developmental needs of its students. The following summarizes the functions of the offices and departments which are available.

  1. Augustana Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  2. Dean of Students Office
  3. Reading/Writing Center
  4. Tutoring
  5. Augustana CORE: Careers, Opportunity, Research and Exploration
  6. Student Health Care
  7. Insurance
  8. Student Counseling Service
  9. Policy Regarding Students Who Make a Suicide Attempt
  10. Cultural Life
  11. Residential Life
  12. Off-Campus Living
  13. Dining Services
  14. Center for Communicative Disorders
  15. Students with Disabilities
  16. Other Services - Faxes, Loans, Lost and Found

Augustana Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students at Augustana are guaranteed certain rights and similarly are expected to fulfill specific responsibilities during their enrollment. Copies of this document are available at the Dean of Students Office, Room 104, Founders Hall.

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Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office oversees campus life outside the classroom and handles any questions or concerns and emergencies not normally handled by another office. Please contact the Dean of Students with any questions or if there is an emergency, and staff will respond or refer you to the appropriate office. Common issues the Dean of Students helps with are:

  • Family emergencies
  • Poor performance in class
  • Unusual or special needs
  • Accommodations for disabilities

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Reading/Writing Center

Located on the fourth floor of the Center for Student Life, the Reading/Writing Center offers all Augustana students assistance with academic improvement in writing, reading and studying. Faculty and peer tutors are available throughout the day and evening. Please contact the center for hours and locations at 794-8987. 

Students working on essays, papers or other kinds of writing assignments can consult Reading/Writing Center staff on all stages of the writing process: developing ideas, organization, revision, citations, editing and proofreading. The Center also assists students in preparing personal statements and letters of application for jobs or graduate schools.

Staff can recommend reading strategies to increase vocabulary, comprehension and recall as well as to manage the long and complex reading assignments typical of college classes. Students may also request advice on time management, objective or essay test-taking, or preparing for graduate school admissions tests. Special assistance is offered to non-traditional students as well as to those for whom English is not a first language.

Students who visit the Reading/Writing Center have access to reading, writing and studying resources and guides. Students may drop in without appointment (most possible early in a term), make an appointment by phone (x8987) or by e-mail, or arrange for regular weekly meetings after consulting the director (x7372).

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Tutoring is available for one or two hours a week without charge upon recommendation of a course instructor. Students who feel a tutor's individual assistance could be of help should discuss this with their instructor. Some courses provide group tutoring sessions or "labs" on a regularly scheduled basis, rather than individual tutoring. Tutoring generally helps a student understand specific areas of course content, as well as how to study for a particular subject.

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Augustana CORE: Careers, Opportunities, Research and Exploration

Augustana Careers, Opportunities, Research, and Exploration (CORE) is designed to build a more active and robust community of alumni, parents, and employers;  lead students through vocational discernment, skill development for employment and appropriate internships; and integrate a student's professional development with academic advising and academic enrichment opportunities such as international and off-campus programs, undergraduate research and service learning.  CORE's comprehensive approach will better position Augustana graduates to pursue meaningful careers that honor their aspirations and investment in their education. 

To learn more, visit or stop by the office for a visit. 

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Student Health Care

Medical Services

Coordinator of Medical Support Services, Kelly Giovanine, x2693

UnityPoint Clinic l ExpressCare, 106 19th Ave. Suite 103, Moline, Illinois: 779-7050

Phone Assessment Service: 779-7050

UnityPoint Health l Trinity Rock Island: 779-5000

UnityPoint Health l Trinity Moline: 779-5000

Health Care Shuttle Service: Contel number 9-781-5711 from on-campus phone (7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday)

Lucky Cab Co.: 788-8386 (6 p.m.-7:30 a.m. Monday-Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday)

Ambulance: 2-911 (or 9-911 as a backup)

Emergency: 2-911 (or 9-911 as a backup)

Although students may use any of the health care services available in the Quad Cities, UnityPoint Health and its subsidiary, the ExpressCare Clinic, are available to provide around-the-clock health care to students. Free transportation is provided to all health care providers (includes dentists, optometrists, mental health providers and pharmacies) in the Quad-City area by the Dean of Students Office.

UnityPoint Clinic ~ Expresscare

The Clinic is open: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-7:30 p.m.; and Sat.-Sun., 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Use the ExpressCare Clinic during regular clinic hours to save time and money. Using the emergency room for routine care is inappropriate and expensive. Students may provide proof of insurance or pay for services rendered at the time of their visit with cash, check, Mastercard or Visa. A regular office visit costs a minimum of $100. Students who do not have funds available to pay for health care costs should contact the Dean of Students Office, 104 Founders to receive a short-term emergency loan.

If a student is not sure whether to visit the clinic, he or she may call a clinic nurse at 779-7050 for an assessment. Students should let the nurse know they are Augustana students, describe their symptoms and answer any questions. The nurse can recommend steps to take.

Students who receive regular allergy shots will find the UnityPoint Clinic ExpressCare can meet their needs. Students must provide the serum and instructions from their doctor so clinic staff can safely administer injections. As students are not permitted to give themselves shots or store serum on campus, the clinic will store serum. The clinic is prepared to call the student's allergist for instructions, if needed, but the more information the physician provides, the better.

UnityPoint Health

If students become seriously ill or injured, or need medical attention when the clinic is not open, they may use the services of UnityPoint Health. Students covered by an insurance policy should bring evidence of the policy so that they will not be required to pay for services at the time they receive them.


Walgreen's Drug Store is located on 7th Street and 19th Avenue in Moline, as well as on 30th Street and 18th Avenue in Rock Island; Osco Drug is located on 19th Avenue and First Street in Moline; and CVS is located at 28th Street and 18th Avenue in Rock Island. All locations are near both the clinic and campus.


A variety of transportation is available to students needing to visit the clinic or any other provider. Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, students may use a free shuttle service provided by the college. Call Contel #9-781-5711 from an on-campus phone for a pickup.

Service is available with Lucky Cab Co. when the free medical transport is not in operation. Call 788-8386, identify yourself as an Augustana student, and the taxi will pick you up within 30 minutes of your call and transport you to your medical destination free of charge.

If a student feels that his/her health is endangered, call 2-911 (if busy call 9-911) and ask for an ambulance.

Students may choose to establish a relationship with any health care provider in the area, or may continue contacts with their family physician in their home community. Free transportation is provided to all health care providers between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Service through UnityPoint Health and UnityPoint Clinic ExpressCare is provided as a convenience to students and to the campus in general. However, students are not obligated to obtain health care services from UnityPoint Health or UnityPoint Clinic Expresscare.

Class Absence Due to Illness

If an instructor requires verification of illness, students must arrange provision of that information directly from the health care provider. No college office can provide an excuse from class due to illness. The Coordinator of Medical Support or the Dean of Students Office can assist in sharing information with instructors when students are not on campus due to an illness, but students are encouraged to make contact themselves unless it is an emergency.

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Student Insurance

All students are automatically enrolled in Augustana's Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. The program's brochure, including a schedule of Benefits, is available online at If students do not wish to participate, they must waive the coverage online by the September 2, 2014 due date. The plan protects all participating students at home, school or while traveling 24 hours per day.

Participants in intercollegiate sports are required to enroll in the plan before the first official practice session, unless they sign before then a sports waiver acknowledging the possibility of up to $2,500 out-of-pocket expense if they choose to not have insurance.

It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the insurance procedure and to assure that the claim and bills have been submitted for benefit payment. HealthSmart Benefit Solutions is responsible for processing your claims.  Their dedicated claims analysts and customer service representatives can address any questions you have on an outstanding claim or on how a claim has been paid.  To contact the Claims Company:

HealthSmart Benefit Solutions
3320 West Market Street Suite 100
Fairlawn, OH 4433

Providers will bill the claims company directly. In the event that you paid for services and need to be reimbursed, mail the original invoice, proof of payment, and a copy of insurance ID card to HealthSmart. Medical claim forms are not required. Please retain a copy of all mailed documentation for your records. Approximately 30 business days are required to process a reimbursement for a medical claim.  Benefits are payable for 52 weeks from date of occurrence or commencement of any loss covered by the policy.

Benefits become effective on August 15, 2014 and continue through August 14, 2015. 

Benefits payable when an injury has occurred: When hospital or medical care is required on account of injury sustained during the period when the student is insured, the expenses incurred within a 52-week period from the date of the first treatment are eligible for consideration of payment. (Intercollegiate sports is limited to $2,500 under this policy. Coverage over $2,500 for intercollegiate sports is provided under another policy held by Augustana.)

Further information on procedures, benefits and exclusions is available in the insurance brochure available online at or by calling Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at 877-320-4347.

Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance

All intercollegiate athletes and cheerleaders who have been properly enrolled as such, are covered under a master intercollegiate sports insurance plan held by Augustana College.

The Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance Plan carries a $2,500 deductible. The Student Accident and Sickness Insurance offered to all students is designed to cover this deductible. Enrollment is automatic unless a signed waiver is submitted online to Parents and students should exercise this option to participate in the plan based upon the procedures and benefits available from their family coverage. If a signed waiver is submitted online by September 2 each year, the fee for the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan will be deleted from the fall term bill.

It is the responsibility of the athlete to initiate the insurance procedure and to assure the claim and bills have been submitted for benefit payment. Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk is responsible for processing your claims. Their dedicated claims analysts and customer service representatives can address any questions you have on an outstanding claim or on how a claim has been paid. To contact the claims company:

Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk
c/o Sports
500 Victory Road
Quincy, MA 02171


617-479-0860 Fax

Healthcare providers will bill the claims company directly once they receive the correct billing information. In the event that you paid for services and need to be reimbursed, mail the original invoice, proof of payment, and a copy of insurance ID card to Gallagher. Medical claim forms are not required. Please retain a copy of all mailed documentation for your records. Approximately 30 business days are required to process a reimbursement for a medical claim.  Benefits through the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan are payable for 52 weeks from date of occurrence or commencement of any loss covered by the policy.

Benefits through the Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance Plan will be paid for required physician and surgical fees, hospitalization, reasonable expense for necessary medical or surgical or prescribed therapeutic services and supplies which are incurred and within the plans limits within 104 weeks after the date of the injury. Benefits apply to any one injury and are subject to non-duplicating provision when in excess of $2,500. Any other valid and collectible insurance or plan must pay benefits as prime carrier before benefits in excess of $2,500 will be considered.

Further information regarding procedures and benefits is available online at or by calling Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk  at 877-320-4347.

Communicable Disease Policy Statement

Augustana has adopted a Communicable Disease Policy Statement following guidelines suggested by the Center for Disease Control and the American College Health Association. Copies of this statement are available at the Dean of Students Office.

AIDS Testing

Anonymous AIDS testing is available at the Rock Island County Health Department, 2112-25th Avenue, Rock Island. Call 794-7080 for an appointment, ask for Communicable Disease Department (CD). (If unable to pay, the State of Illinois will pay for the test.) Testing is anonymous. Verbal results are given to client in person only, through a one-hour counseling session with appointment. Results are available in three weeks.

Slough Pond

For safety reasons, use of the lower campus slough pond is restricted to approved occasions. With approval of the Dean of Students Office, campus organizations may utilize the pond for traditions such as wedding engagements and other achievements of its members, celebrating graduation and/or the end of a school year, and special events such as the Homecoming Regatta. Use may include brief entries into the pond providing:

  1. the activity has been approved at least 72 hours in advance by the Dean of Students Office or the Office of Student Life and Leadership;
  2. participants who enter the pond do so with their consent;
  3. participants avoid activities that might cause them to swallow or inhale pond water, and
  4. there is a certified life guard present during the entire event.

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Student Counseling Service (SCS)

Since emotional growth and personal well-being contribute significantly to a positive, holistic educational experience, Augustana's Student Counseling Service provides students with professional counselors to discuss personal, academic and vocational concerns or difficulties.

The Student Counseling Service is open to all student members of the college community. Significant others such as family members, romantic partners or close friends are included when deemed important. Counseling services are free to all Augustana students and stress strict confidentiality. Except for life threatening situations, no information can be released without the explicit prior consent of the counselee.SCS operates independently of all other college offices.

The primary activity of the SCS is individual counseling with students, who come with a wide range of concerns including personal/emotional problems,family and relational conflicts, academic skill and motivation difficulties, and career decision-making issues. In addition to individual counseling, the SCS provides group counseling and training groups (such as test anxiety and stress management, assertiveness, growth, etc.), couples counseling, psychological testing referral, and referral to appropriate psychiatric services when needed. Usually, appointments can be made within a few days. In cases of immediate need, all efforts will be made to see the student the same day. Make appointments by phone (7357) or in person at the Student Counseling Service office, room 206, Founders Hall. After hours, call campus security (x7711) or the Robert Young Center 24-hour crisis line (779-2990).

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Policy Regarding Students Who Make a Suicide Attempt

Enrolled students at Augustana College, who take an action deemed by a member of the Augustana Student Counseling Center (SCS) staff to be a suicide attempt, will meet with the Dean of Students and the Director of Counseling to determine whether or not a withdrawal for the remainder of the term is appropriate. If the student is withdrawn, readmission will be based upon a positive recommendation from the treating therapist, in addition to approval by a member of the SCS and the Dean of Students. In most cases, arrangements for off-campus professional support will be required prior to readmission. If the student remains enrolled, the treatment plan must be followed to maintain enrollment.

Once the SCS is notified of a current suicide attempt, they will initiate transporting the student to the emergency room (if that has not already occurred), contacting parents, and notifying the Dean of Students. 

Students who experience suicidal ideation or take some other physical action short of an actual attempt as defined by a member of our SCS will be evaluated by an SCS staff member and a decision about future enrollment and treatment will be made at that time.

Cultural Life

While the Director of Cultural Life is available to all students to offer advice, support and advocacy, his primary focus is students of color. The office coordinates multicultural orientation and MLK Day, and oversees specialized academic support and the college's four multicultural social groups. In addition, the office co-sponsors a wide variety of educational and social programs while providing training opportunities to student groups across campus. The office of Cultural Life is located on the Fourth Floor of the Center for Student Life; students are invited to stop by at any time.

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Residential Life

Students are required to live on campus and purchase a board plan through their junior year, unless they obtain release from the Office of Residential Life or the Dean of Students Office.

All policies, guidelines and other information related to living in the residence halls and transitional living areas are found in Inside Our Halls and Houses, the handbook for students living in the residence hall system.

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Off-Campus Living

The Office of Residential Life maintains a list of private rented properties provided by local landlords. Augustana College does not approve, inspect or supervise off-campus student residences. The college does expect, however, that students living off campus act responsibly so as to reflect credit on themselves and the college. This expectation includes observing all local, state and federal laws, and behaving in a manner supporting Augustana’s mission. Students living off campus are subject to the rules and regulations set forth in the Augustana Code of Social Conduct and in relevant sections of the student handbook Inside Augustana.

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Dining Services

All students living in Augustana's traditional residence halls are required to purchase a board plan. Those living in Transitional Living Areas or off-campus may purchase a full or partial meal plan.

Augustana operates its own dining services. Students may purchase food with their properly validated Augustana picture I.D. card. Misuse of the I.D. card will subject the violator(s) to disciplinary action. Additional information is available in the dining service brochure available online at The Dining Service Office is on the fifth floor of the Center for Student Life.

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Center for Communicative Disorders

Any student who feels he/she needs help with a speech or hearing problem or any international student needing help with written or spoken English should contact a faculty member associated with the Center for Communicative Disorders located in the Betsey Brodahl building.

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Students with Disabilities

Dean of Students Dr. Evelyn Campbell coordinates accommodations for students with mental, sensory or physical impairments. Students who need accommodations should make an appointment with her to address their needs.

The Dean of Students chairs the Accommodations Committee for Students with Special Needs, which makes recommendations based on medical documentation of an impairment. Students should work with the Dean of Students to implement the recommendation of the committee. A brochure entitled Augustana College Building Access, available in the Dean of Students Office, the residence halls and the College Center, identifies the buildings with strobe light fire alarms, handicapped entrances and restrooms, Braille signage and fire refuges. Students needing additional accommodations should confer with the Dean of Students regarding any special needs or accommodations and emergency evacuation procedures.

Individuals who require special building accommodations can call 794-7279.

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Other Services


There are three ATM's on-campus: College Center, Duane K. Swanson Commons & Westerlin Residence Center

FAX Service

Students may send and receive faxes on the first floor of the Franklin W. Olin Center at no charge. They may send or receive faxes in the library (309-794-7640). The cost to send a fax is $.50 per fax; there is no charge to receive a fax. Students may also send or receive faxes in the Dean of Students Office (309-794-8528).


Short-term emergency loans of up to $250 may be available from the Dean of Students Office. Contact x7533 for more information.

Lost and Found

A campus-wide Lost and Found is located in the College Center. Anyone finding a lost item should at his or her earliest convenience take the item to the College Center desk, or to the building secretary in the building in which the article was found. Persons losing property any place on campus should report the loss to the College Center desk as soon as possible.

A lost article not claimed by the owner within 30 days of the time it is turned in will be returned to the person who found it, if so requested.

The college assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen personal possessions.