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Information required by the federal government

The following information is provided in accordance with federal, state or local guidelines and concerns issues that are related to student health, safety and privacy. Standards of behavior, methods for resolving conflicts or grievances, programs designed to ensure safety, procedures designed to protect confidentiality and graduation rates are all included.

Important Contacts

Augustana Code of Conduct

Philosophy, Policies and Programs on Alcohol and Drugs

Controlled Substances

Judicial Processes

Policy on Harassment, Discrimination and Human Dignity


Sexual Assault

Campus Security

Missing Student

Students with Disabilities

Students at Risk to Self or Others

Severe Physical or Emotional Disturbance

Student Records

Enrollment and Graduation Statistics

Available to Current and Prospective Students

Vaccination Policy


Important Contacts

Office of Public Safety (309)794-7711
Ambulance, Fire, and Police
from off-campus phone 911
from on-campus phone 9-911 
Student Counseling (309)794-7357
Medical Support (309)794-2693
Campus Ministries (309)794-7213
Reading/Writing Center (309)794-7372
Tutors (309)794-7502
Career Center (309)794-7339
Center for Vocational Reflection (309)794-8612
Registrar (309)794-7277
Director of Advising (309)794-8290
Residential Life (309)794-2686
Area Coordinator                        

Zach Berkley (Erickson Residence Center/TLA East)


Jillian Flahaven (Andreen Hall, Seminary Hall, & Duane R. Swanson Commons)

Kara Brant  (Westerlin Residence Center/TLA West)   (309)794-8919
Office of Student Activities (OSA) (309)794-2695
ACES (Augustana College Escort Service) (309)794-7550


Students with Disabilities

Dean of Students Dr. Evelyn Campbell coordinates accommodations for students with mental, sensory or physical impairments. Students who need accommodations should make an appointment with her to address their needs.

A brochure entitled Augustana College Building Access, available in the Dean of Students Office, the residence halls and the College Center, identifies the buildings with strobe light fire alarms, handicapped entrances and restrooms, Braille signage and fire refuges. Students needing additional accommodations should confer with the Dean of Students regarding any special needs or accommodations and emergency evacuation procedures.

Individuals who require special building accommodations can call 794-7279. 

Available to Current and Prospective Students

The following information can all be found in the Augustana College Catalog.

Financial assistance information. Found in the section headed Financial Assistance, and includes application procedures, scholarships and grants available, and loan information.

Information on costs and procedures for withdrawal. Found in the section headed College Costs and in an annual update entitled Schedule of Student Charges. Included are tuition and fee charges for full-time and part-time students, room and board charges for available options, estimates of the costs for necessary books and supplies, estimates of transportation costs, any additional costs for special programs, refund policies, and the procedures for officially withdrawing from the college.

Information on programs, facilities, faculty and accreditation. Includes a listing of current degree programs, instructional, laboratory, library, computer and other physical facilities that relate to the academic program; the faculty and other instructional personnel; and the names of the agencies that accredit Augustana and its programs. A description of facilities available to students with disabilities may also be obtained from the Dean of Students office, Founders 104.

Graduation rates. This information includes the four-year and six-year graduation rates of degree seeking full-time students. This is published for the most recent graduating cohort of entering first-time, first-year students. The student handbook, Inside Augustana, provides four- and five-year graduation rates for the past decade.

Terms of federal loans. For a complete description of each loan category click here.

Augustana's Annual Security Report. The material in the report is also published annually in Inside Augustana. This report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Augustana College, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault and other matters.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act. The report documents athletic participation rates and institutional support for the athletic program.

Vaccination Policy

Augustana College complies with the federal and state requirements for vaccinations as found at:

Since Augustana does not have a health service, students with questions will be referred to their own physician or a local physician. For assistance identifying a local physician, please contact the Office of Residential Life at 309-794-2693.