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More Programs . . .

Other ways to get involved with Campus Ministries:

Pizza, Pop and Praise follows the Wednesday Chapel service of 10th week each term. Free pizza, pop and mingling is a great way to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones before final exams.

Joining others by volunteering to do community service while having fun at area food kitchens, meal sites, community garden work with other Augustana students.  This helps fulfill a much needed ministry in the Quad Cities area. Campus Ministries is proud to continue the efforts to help our neighbors in need.

Youth groups and youth overnights are an ongoing activity that Campus Ministries helps with. By bringing middle and high school students together in faith, Augustana students can reach out to a younger crowd in a fun and energetic atmosphere.

Ice Cream Social 08-09 Staff

Augustana students passing out Campus Ministries t-shirts at the annual Whitey's Ice Cream Social.

Augustana Campus Ministries staff members having some fun!