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Bomb threat

If you find or receive a bomb threat in written form:

Find a landline and call either Augustana Security at x7711 or 911. Do not use your cell phone if the bomb is located nearby. The caller should be prepared to provide a location and remain in contact with the dispatcher. If 911 is called, ask if Augustana Security should be contacted to provide assistance. After the call is made, the following should happen:

 • Follow the dispatcher's directions. If asked to leave the area, take the note with the threat and meet security personnel at a pre-determined location.

• As caller leaves, quickly scan the area and note anything or anyone suspicious. Do not touch anything or talk with anyone. Share observations with Augustana security and/or police officers.

• Do not use any electronic devices.

If a bomb threat is received by phone, ask the following questions:

• When the bomb will explode

• Where the bomb is located

• What it looks like

• What kind of bomb it is

• What will cause it to explode

• The callers' name and address

• Find a landline and call 911. Caller should be prepared to stay on the line, share information with the dispatcher

• Follow dispatcher's directions which will likely include leaving the area

• Do not use any electronic devices