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Residential Learning Experience

First-year students are invited to participate in a special opportunity at Augustana called a Residential Learning Experience (RLE). Students in an RLE enroll in courses together and live together as a community. 

RLEs provide a unique setting to meet and build friendships with other first-year students.

RLE options for 2019-20

In fall term, students in the RLEs will take First-Year Inquiry 101 (3 credits), a required course for all first-year students, and First-Year Inquiry 100 (1 credit), a course focused on the transition to college and understanding a liberal arts education together.

During J-term, RLE students will take a second class together. These are the RLE J-term options for 2019-20:

Chemistry 111: Busting Myths (4 credits)
(PN) In this RLE section, students will discuss myths, assumptions, urban legends, and stereotypes, then use research approaches from different disciplines to determine whether or not they are true.  This course introduces students to experimental design and how to communicate experimental findings to the community. Through experimentation, students will confirm or disprove a host of societal perceptions, urban legends and/or viral videos. Experimental results will be presented to the community using digital media. Laboratory work will be a major component of the course. This section begins in the fall semester with FYI 101 Rhetoric and the Liberal Arts and continues in J-term with Chem 111 Busting Myths.  (Does not count towards a chemistry or biochemistry major.)  

Public Health 100: Introduction to Public Health (4 credits)
(PS) In this RLE section, students will think critically about information sources, reasoning, and the creation of supported arguments.  Students will explore the social, political and environmental determinants of health, and learn about the institutions that shape health outcomes at the local, national and global levels. Topics will range from chronic and infectious disease and injury, to maternal and child health, to mental health and beyond.   This section begins in the fall semester with FYI 101 Rhetoric and the Liberal Arts and continues in J-term with PUBH 100 Introduction to Public Health. 

How to apply

Students selected to participate in the RLE will be notified in early July.

If you have questions, please email or call Chris Beyer, 309-794-2686.