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Residential Learning Experience

First-year students are invited to participate in a special opportunity at Augustana called the Residential Learning Experience (RLE).

Students in the RLE enroll in courses together and live together as a community in Andreen Hall. The RLE provides a unique setting to meet and build friendships with other first-year students with shared interests.

RLE options for 2022-23

All first-year students at Augustana will take First-Year Inquiry 101 (4 credits), a required introduction to the liberal arts, and First-Year Inquiry 100 (1 credit), a course focused on the transition to college. Students in the RLE will live together on a floor with their FYI 101 and FYI 100 classmates. This arrangement helps students quickly bond with a group of peers as they adjust to college life together.

Each RLE group also will have a theme. The theme serves to bring together students who have a shared interest, and match them with an FYI 101 professor who also shares in that interest.

The Office of Residential Life will coordinate a series of trips and activities to explore that theme on campus and in the Quad Cities.

Each RLE is limited to 17 participants. If you are interested, apply early!

These are the topics we are offering this year:


When author John Hodqman wrote a 400-page book about nearly all aspects of U.S. society and only mentioned sports twice, he said, “If you wish for sports information, might I kindly refer you to every other aspect of our culture?” This is a course about the American obsession with sports. Why do we spend so much time watching? Invest so much money in apparel and league fees and cable add-ons? Featuring readings about sports fandom, sports business, and sports personalities, this class will ask students to consider what it is that makes competitive athletics so worthy of our attention and maybe even wonder, “What if they’re not?”

Community Arts

In the Community Arts RLE, students will actively explore the wide variety of fine-art activities (art, music, theater, and dance) that can be found in the Quad City community. We will investigate the role of the artist in their community, the nature of both professional and amateur artistic activity, and the challenges involved in providing and maintaining artistic opportunities. No specific training in the fine or performing arts is required for participation in this course. 

How to apply

Complete the RLE application. The deadline for priority consideration is June 13, so apply early!

• If you need special housing accommodations, complete the special accommodations request form.

Students selected to participate in the RLE will be notified in early July.

If you have questions, email or call Chris Beyer, 309-794-2686.