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Second language requirements for new students

Augustana students are required to complete at least one year of a second language at the college level, or the equivalent. We offer courses in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Spanish and Swedish.

You may already have satisfied the language requirement by taking four years of a second language in high school. We still require you to take a placement test; it keeps your options open for continued study of the language at Augustana.

You must choose one of the options below before you can be registered for fall classes and meet with an advisor. 

Continue reading to determine which option applies to you. (Note: Taking a particular language placement test does not commit you to taking classes in that language at Augustana. You'll learn about all of your choices at Orientation and Registration.)

International students, please use the options here instead.

Choose one of these five options:

Option 1: If you have studied Chinese, French, German, Latin or Spanish, take the placement test for that language. (Options 2-5 do not apply to you.)

Option 2: If you are a native speaker of Chinese, French, German, or Spanish, take the test for that language. (Options 3-5 do not apply to you.)

Test link for Options 1, 2

Option 3: If you are a native speaker or have studied a language other than Chinese, French, German, Latin or Spanish. Use the form below to notify us.

Option 4: If you have not studied a language or have studied American Sign Language (ASL). (ASL does not satisfy the language requirement.) Use the form below to notify us.

Option 5: If you have completed at least one semester of a college-level language course with a C or better, including Advanced Placement (AP) credit, use the form below to notify us. Bring your unofficial transcript with you to Orientation and Registration. Be sure to request your official transcript and/or AP scores come to Augustana. We must receive them to apply the credits to your transcript. 

Form for Options 3, 4, 5

Fall schedule how-to

OrientationOrientation video