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Monopoly students

Healthy Living Community

for first-year students who want to live substance-free

The Healthy Living Community is for first-year students who choose to live with others committed to a lifestyle free from drinking, smoking or using illegal drugs. Healthy Living Community members reside in the same area within Seminary, Andreen and/or Westerlin Residence Halls.

Some of the many reasons to choose healthy living housing include:

• to improve academic achievement
• to honor cultural or religious beliefs
• to make better choices re. health and well-being

All Augustana residents, regardless of housing assignment, should abide by Augustana’s Housing Code of Conduct, which prohibits alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs in the residence halls.

Beyond supporting college policy, students in the Healthy Living Community make an extra effort to live among others who share the belief that a healthy lifestyle benefits the individual as well as the common good. 

To choose to live in the Healthy Living Community, simply select this option on the new student housing application.